The right way to automation

Since its foundation in 1984, Sidac has provided turnkey solutions for hardware such as electronic boards, drives and motors and software, with an important global presence in the field of high-tech automation. Born as a company for the production of dedicated electronic equipment and the management of control robots (such as non-destructive X-ray controls on components coming out of the die-casting process), SIDAC has expanded with time. SIDAC CNC is a company that continuously invests in research and development – permitting SIDAC CNC to enter new areas of innovation, up to the partnership with other Italian companies and also with the most renowned university centers in the country, such as the Polytechnic of Turin.
Continuous investments in software, hardware and design confirm this tendency and aim: a strong willingness to grow is inherent in SIDAC’s staff, composed  by professionals who firmly believe in teamwork and developing of personal skills.
The result of this effort is the development of reliable CNC systems, which are complete of specific axes with motors and DC, brushless, stepper drives, with high performance and modular.
Moreover, they are equipped with: selected components; advanced and flexible software; customized hardware with maximum compatibility with the “motion control outside world” and ease of use.
SIDAC boasts of significant presences and successful experiences in many fields, for example:
•robots for handling, cutting, plasma cutting, bending, assembly and interlocking
•textile machines (CNC warping machines, raising machines, etc.) and wrapping machines for both textile and metallic yarn
•cutters for sheet metal, paper, wood, glass
•laser processing for cutting and removal on 2D and 3D files
•generic automation of single-axis and multi-axis machines for special processes in various sectors.
•and so on …The main applications of its products are:
•Grinding Machines and special systems
•Pipe banding machines
•Cartesian robots
•Mechanical hands and palletizers
•Punching and nibbling machines
•Lines of unwinding, straightening and dividing
•Press and shears
•Special machines
•Plasma cutting machines/ oxygen- flam cutting and water jet
•Milling cutter and drilling machine
•X-Y axes tables
SIDAC strengthened by the experience it acquires from its foundation until today, also offers consultancy services and assistance to its Customers.
A support that is given with absolute availability and expertise to the customer step by step: from the feasibility study of the system in its design; from the choice and selection of materials and suppliers, looking for new technologies; from the installation and implementation of technical assistance without time limit.
And then, great attention paid to customers’ technicians training, with wide availability of accurate documentation.

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