A.S.B Automation

A.S.B. Automation Vision on INDUSTRY 4.0

Steam, electricity, electronics, and now the era of digitization, of automatically channeled information.
Informatics giants know well about it, such as GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON who thanks to the datas made their fortune in record time. Yes, stories of isolated cases, but also stories of those who knew how to seize the opportunity, of those who looked ahead embracing the revolution instead of hindering it.
In this intricate tangle of data exchange, in this world of machines such as islands and different languages, the value of companies such as A.S.B. Automation Software can be decisive. Born from three colleagues who after a decade of personal experiences have had the same business vision, a dynamic, efficient, flexible, modern vision and not tied to old standards, ASB is ready to embrace the ongoing industrial revolution working tirelessly to be always prepared.
The steady commitment and harmony of all the technicians who worked in A.S.B. Automation in recent years, gave to the company the thrust to grow and be appreciated worldwide in more than 60 countries. Born with a strong specialization in the branch of industrial automation and high-level supervision systems, it has touched sectors such as the processing and transport of aluminum, textiles, plastics, waste processing, milling, feedingstuff, enological, raw material storage, offering a 360 degree product.

A.S.B. Automation is not limited only to the software supply, but starting from an internal electrical design office and a cutting-edge workshop, offers a service in accordance with the latest international standards and certifications such as, for example, UL for the USA, Atex for processing in explosive environments, stainless steel and IP65 constructions for food environments.
A.S.B. Automation designs, realizes, installs medium voltage reception and transformation cabins, distribution panels, power factor correction and automation panels. Every project is designed to be reliable and simple to analyze in case of mechanical failure, as well as optimized for consumption by applying solutions as A.S.B. Fan Energy Saver that allows you to get the most out of pneumatic transport.
With more than thousand start-up plants accomplished, A.S.B. Automation can boast collaborations with international giants such as Cargill, but also with small local artisans, because a revolution is such only when it affects the largest possible number of people.
Automatically channel the various information and make it available for E.R.P. o M.E.S. it is the primary purpose of industry 4.0; For A.S.B. Automation has become a workhorse, thanks to the technical preparation that makes it versatile in the interface both with important systems such as SAP, Microsoft Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics as well as with software from less renowned local companies.
Over time A.S.B. Automation has evolved by creating its own programs such as the historic YieldUp® highly appreciated in the milling sector for the evaluation of production performance, and other family members such as TrakingUp®, DisposUp®, MaintUp®, and StormUp®, collection and analysis platform data with artificial intelligence, web based, multiplatform and cloud synchronization: programs that, for example, evaluate the use of energy with respect to production, or manage maintenance quickly and effectively, or show all data and documentation available specifications of a specific machine with a single click of the smartphone.
The passion for this sector is what has always inspired A.S.B. Automation over the years, proposing itself not only as a provider service, but also as a reliable and secure partner where you can trust for your growth.
The development of the industrial world has proven that every day the foot is pushed with ever greater force on the accelerator, every time passes through one epochal passage and the next one. In view of the facts, now it’s up to the companies to choose whether you want to embrace the change or stay behind; as presumably happened already with the advent of steam engines, when the blacksmith’s job has evolved from shoeing horses into a figure developed in the reliability of the engines, you can decide to follow the change or to be overwhelmed.
Revolutions by their nature close some doors, but at the same time open new and unexpected horizons, if you are able to grab the signs of the times. Choose your technological partner in order to accompany you into the change and don’t become a burden to drag.