Miretti Group, since 1973 Explosion Proof Protection Systems for Hazardous Areas

Reliability, Safety and Innovation in Explosion Proof Protections.

For over 45 years, engineering excellence in Ex protection of diesel engine, industrial equipment, mobile vehicles in compliance with ATEX, IECEx, CNEx, FM, NEC, EAC Ex standard and regulations.

How can you protect people and environment in a potentially hazardous area? A reliable and expert partner in Explosion Proof Protections needs to guarantee its Customers high safety standards together with a continuous orientation towards quality. Accidents in hazardous areas can have serious consequences. When an explosion occurs, the fire can spread all around rapidly. The big challenge nowadays is to avoid this potential disaster.
“Over 45 years dedicated to the Environment and Safety of the workers”. This is the mission of the Miretti Group who have been providing Explosion Proof Systems to protect workers in potentially explosive atmospheres operating onshore, offshore, above ground and underground.

Working in environments that are potentially at risk of explosion implies the necessity to operate with machinery that can meet the highest safety standards. History has taught us that such risks are very real and the impact is often catastrophic.
Dust, gas or even both can be the responsible for an explosion; high temperature surface of diesel engines or electrical motors; hot exhaust gases and sparkling electrical devices due to their own complexity, represents sometime an obstacle to the way of protection.

In Miretti are available both solutions: Explosion Proof Fully Packaged Engines and Explosion Protection Kits for Engines.
The Group offes fully packaged engines from leading brands, certified and ready for use in hazardous areas. In addition to offering explosion protection powerpacks as standard builds or customised to meet clients’ project needs, Miretti ha salso developed a range of Engine Explosion Protection Kits for marine and for industrial engines in compliace with ATEX Zone 2, Group I M2 (mines and tunnels), Class I Div.1-2 (USA market).

A diesel engines, working in potentially flammable atmospheres, can be an explosive mix that places workers at serious risk. For this reason, the Miretti’s Ex diesel engine conversions have been designed and implemented with the most advanced technologies and with the help of solutions to simplify equipment maintenance, thus reducing intervention. ( Ex Engine Power Systems )

Authorities are becoming more and more demanding and the new regulations affect all systems, machinery and personal devices. From this prospective, it is strategic to have deep knowledge of the latest Explosion Proof ATEX regulation and a good understanding of the method of protection either mechanical and electrical. In addition to the above, all those protection systems have to be design around every single machinery trying to keep their performances and reliability identical to the original ones. More and more frequently, OEM’s are looking for competence and experience in this very sensitive sector. Miretti work closely with all leading global OEM’s. All explosion proof conversions are developed to maintain the original safety levels and ergonomics in conformity with local standards. Miretti’s conversions do not affect the operation or warranty of engine or of the OEM unit and are tested and certified according to ATEX 2014/34/EU, IECEx, CNEx, FM, NEC, EAC Ex standards ( Miretti’s Certifications and Patents )

Highest quality, IP protected, innovative and fully certified systems are guaranteed for all types of oilfield equipment. Complete project builds including Ex testing and Third-Party certification is available through Miretti factories in USA, Europe and Asia.

Specialized also in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Gas industry and Mines & Tunnel environments, Miretti provides also solutions for the explosion proof protection of trucks, earth moving machines and various types of mobile vehicles ( Ex Mobile Vehicles ).

“Safety” and “Green Environment” have always been the basic concepts of the Miretti core business. Miretti Group has also been on the market since 1973 as a supplier of SCR DeNOx systems and Catalysts boasting many years of experience also in the field of Fumes Purification Systems.


Miretti Global annually protects over 1.000 diesel and electric units per annum. The company, founded in 1973, has a global footprint with production facilities in Italy (HQ), USA, Singapore and China and commercial branches in UK, Germany, France, Benelux & Northern Areas, Hungary, Australia, Sud America, Iran. The Miretti
After-Sales Service can support the client step by step to maintaining its productivity. The support does not end with the supply of Explosion-Proof systems but also continues in the after-sales phase.

Miretti Group, at your side for Explosion Proof Protections always and everywhere!

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