Maklaus 2020 – 3D Laser and Energy Recovery System

Maklaus, celebrating 25 years of experience, is the leading company of machinery for stretch film processing and hole punching on moving web, “100% Made in Italy”. Reliability, high efficiency and quick return on investment are the pillars of the Florentine company’s industrial philosophy. Since its beginning, Maklaus has chosen to position itself at the top end of the market, offering added value technology with a “zero breakdown” goal. Over the years, this reliability has increased customer loyalty; meaning that customers have chosen Maklaus as a partner of its production expansion and as a solid resource in ensuring continuity in the management of consumable components. The company, through a widespread commercial organization, boasts customers worldwide with a greater force in Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand and prospects its commercial growth and expansion in India.

The rewinders and Green Revolution

Maklaus produces two rewinder models: the new RES 08, the fastest rewinder for stretch film on the market with its 1700 m/min and the renewed version of RES UNI. The latest models allow to produce several finished products in complete automation, make pre-cuts on the material and create mini-rolls; all in a production space of only 4 square meters. The RES UNI, which has hundreds of units in operation around the world, works with an Industry 4.0 perspective, allows the use of super-amortization and, thanks to a high level of electronics, can be managed with a very low number of operator/s. The main advantage of RES UNI is the ability to create various products, capturing market trends and dedicating investment not only to seasonal work but to a continuous medium and long-term activity. The process changes are very simple: just change the supply chain and start a new process. All rewinders offer now the exclusive ERS – Energy Recovery System

The punching units

The punching high speed units are another strategic core department of Maklaus. Supplied in numerous versions with compressed air or laser technology, they are built ad hoc according to customer needs to be integrated on existing production lines or as standalone machines. Thanks to the internal design office, Makalus is able to guarantee customization of the product. Our machines allow processing on different types of film (plastics, biodegradable materials, paper, fabrics, etc.) and are used in many different sectors including agriculture, packaging, construction and clothing.