Insul.Tecno Group, an Italian leader in production and installation of thermoinsulating materials and products

Insul.Tecno Group is an Italian leader company in the production and installation of thermo-insulating materials and products. Thanks to the high level of experience and the extensive knowledge in the use of high temperatures resistant materials, our company is able to offer to its customers a complete range of customized solutions, products, materials and services. Through targeted consultations, Insul.Tecno Group’s commitments is to meet the customers’ needs by collaborating with them to achieve the perfect solution.

Our goal is to design products and create solutions for a vast range of problems related to the high temperatures while keeping an eye on the environment and the energy loss. We try our best to keep our offers green and targeted to the general plants’ energy saving in order to help our customers and our planet. Since 1998 we have been working for some of the most renowned companies in Italy and all over the world. We have developed ever-growing skills and we aim to keep improving them even more. For these reasons, many of our products have been certified for different industries specifications.

Among our products, we would like to draw your attention to our best and most selling one: INSUL. COIB FIRE BOX®, a textile cover completely suitable for passive fire protection of valves, actuators and system components. Our Insul.Coib Fire Box® is composed by moldable and removable customized textile linings. INSUL.COIB FIRE BOX® meets the most stringent chemical and petrochemical industry specification such as UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Test, Type Approval Certificate, Jet Fire Test from 30 to 120 min. and Blast Test 4 bar. To know more about this and other products, solutions and services, please visit our website or contact us directly: we will be pleased to introduce you to our activity and to suggest the best solutions for your potential needs.

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