Industry Supplier for electrical machinery, any type and power

Our company has been operating for over 40 years in every sector of the modern industry such as cement, steel, food, paper, chemical and petrochemical industries, for supply electric machines and services. Comelmar was born in 1959 as a repair workshop for electric motors and then developed the project , construction and supply of new electric machines made on the customer specifications. The service is provided by a workshop equipped to operate on any type of electric machine. A team of experienced technicians is able to intervene at any time for maintenance and diagnosis at the customer. Quality policy is constantly controlled and directed by the Certification Institute that issued us already in 2003 the certificate of conformity to the ISO 9001:2000.


Our business involves the construction of new machines, whether they are electric motors or generators with :

-Customer-specific interchangeability or with existing motors.

-Comelmar “tailor made” project.

-Custom executions and suitable for particular drives Our motors are designed to operate in several industrial sectors:

-Cement / paperwork / refinement / steel / food industry, etc.

They are used to operate with :

-Fans / compressors / pumps / cement mills / mixers, etc.

The production range includes:

-Low Voltage Motors 400/500 / 690V

-Slip-ring motors for heavy duty and for lifting

-Medium voltage motors up to 10MW power and voltage up to 11kV

-DC motors with completely laminated polygonal stator

Our generators, suitable for all types of turbines, Francis / Pelton / Kaplan, are designed in accordance with customer specifications and with the manufacturer of hydraulic turbines. We are able therefore to realize:

Brushless synchronous generators with rated power from 150 kVA to 6000 kVA, voltage 400 V to 11,000 V, synchronous speeds from 1500 to 150 rpm, from 4 to 40 poles.

Asynchronous generators with squirrel cage rotor with rated power from 100 kW to 6,000 kW, voltage 400 V to 11,000 V, synchronous speeds from 1500 to 150 rpm, from 4 to 40 poles.



-Oil transformers with a power output of 500 kVA to a power of 25 MVA and a maximum supply voltage of 132 kV.

-Epoxy Resin Transformers M.V. a nd L.V. from the power of 160 kVA to the power of 10 MVA and a maximum supply voltage of 36 kV.


Rheostats are designed for the starting of three-phase motors with wound rotor and slip-ring .

-Oil rheostat. Suitable for power up to 20,000kW and rotor voltages 5,000V

-Liquid rheostat. Suitable for power up to 14,000 kW and 3,500V rotor voltage.


We can offer the frequency converters as per our customer request , meeting his reasonable expectations for the variation of rotational speed for cage motors.


We can supply on request electric supply or control panels whether for internal and external plant in order to handle and supply the related equipment.


We have an equipped workshop that is able to work effectively on any type of DC or a.c. motor low or medium voltage, repairing it and restore its original operating conditions. We perform on-site diagnosis by applying the partial discharge analysis system. This innovative system is applicable to electric machines as well to the transport lines of electricity. The sensors applied to the machine under observation during its normal operation are connected to the instrument that acquires, processes and classifies the detected partial discharge current pulses and by elaborating a numerical analysis software establishes the actual operating condition.


In our warehouse we have any type of new or reconditioned electric machine, provided with a global guarantee formula, which we can rapidly deliver to our customers to solve any type of emergency that occurs in the production plants.