Aldegani: the ideal partner for custom stainless steel structures for oil & gas industry


A “stainless” know-how with decades of tradition … but constantly updating

Aldegani Angelo e Figli has a 60 years long tradition in AISI 304/316 stainless steel fabrication, with a strong expertise across a wide range of industries as Oil & Gas, Furniture, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetical and Textile.

Thanks to following key features as:

  • Capability to build custom solutions, through a Technical Office capable to conjugate 3D CAD design with direct manufacturing experience;
  • Support from external Engineering partner, in order to provide solid technical guidance for solving the most complex requirements (Wind/ Seismic solicitations; Fire Resistance; Explosion Resistance)
  • Strong relationship with external laboratory test provider, in order to guarantee the expected level of protection required
  • Close and continuous relationship with client technical office

Aldegani is the ideal partner for custom O&G solutions and for new “Stainless Steel-based” special projects. Moreover, managing internally the full Metal Sheet operations chain (Laser Cutting / Bending / Welding /Assembly), Aldegani is able to guarantee the shortest lead time and to avoid potential contaminations of mild steel / carbon steel products during manufacturing.

Aldegani’s expertise on O&G Industry

Starting from generalist know-how of “Stainless Steel fabricator”, in last 30 years Aldegani has built a strong and recognized specialization in designing and producing Stainless Steel structures for O&G industry, as Cabinets, Enclosures, Racks and Analyzer House. Aldegani maintained its usual focus on customization and developed, along years, several key certifications for Oil & Gas production range (e.g. Level of Protection IP66/ UL Type 4x; Ex “U” Label II 3GD IP66 U, Engineering structural Report, Fire/Explosion resistance report) and a deep know-how of several recurring product features required by the industry. Aldegani is strongly focused on designing and manufacturing custom Cabinets for several O&G application as protection panel for safe area, panels with Ex “U” Label (II 3GD IP66 U), panels fit for purging applications, panels fit for WHCP, of any shape, feature and dimension (compliantly with some technical guideline in order to guarantee a proper outcome in terms of final result and quality performance).

In addition to enclosures fully customized, Aldegani has built a strong know – how on Analyzer House (in Stainless Steel only), fully customized, with increasing Engineering performance as enhanced Structural Resistance (e.g. Hurricane proof Shelter) or Fire Resistance, even for the harsher fire (Hydrocarbon Fire) typical of O&G environment (e.g. H60 – proof Shelter).List of O&G Projects on which Aldegani was involved

Project Name

  • Polypropylene Plant (South Italy)
  • Azzawiya Refinery (Libya)
  • Muzhil Field Development
  • Yamal LNG Project
  • Punta Catalina Project
  • Tempa Rossa Project
  • Sulphur Recovery Plant (Refinery in Sicily)
  • Polymer Plant (Cracking department)
  • Polymer plant (Russia, Tjumen Region)
  • West Qurna (Iraq)
  • Tengiz (Kazakhstan)
  • Egyptian Refinery (Egypt)
  • Kingisepp Plant (Russia)