SELEA Srl, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras

Since more than 10 years, Selea specialized in top-level manufacture of technological solutions for access control, consisting in vehicle plate reading OCR-ANPR cameras, conceived to enable total access automation. Every product/solution is fully developed and produced in Italy, meaning that the customer can benefit continuity, technical support and economic savings over time.

What to use ANPR for?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is used to automatize any sort of entry/exit vehicle gate, as for private parkings, collection/delivery company gates for light or heavy vehicles, weighbridges access and many more. ANPR permits speeding up and improving the access flows, as well as instant categorization of vehicles, pairing of the vehicle plate with its user.

A model for every need

Our camera iZERO is currently among the most compact and flexible solutions in the market, permitting a light and swift installation, to implement an existing access gate with the latest generation ANPR eye, without major modification of the existing setup.

The unit T704TKM is conceived to pair vehicle plates reading to Hazard Identification Numbers and UN numbers on Kemler/ADR panels of vehicles carrying dangerous goods; the field depth being more than 20 meters, it allows enabling heavy vehicles access to loading areas or industrial weighbridges.

Why choosing Selea?

Unlike other competitors, we display only real images of our products working in any critical condition, e.g. reading dirty or badly damaged vehicle plates – just compare our datasheets with any else’s, to find out such differences – and this means the customer knows exactly what he’s buying; a zero surprises and zero problems solution. Unlike other competitors, we develop both our instruments (cameras) and our software solutions, not relying to other contractors, so our customers can benefit from an all-round assistance with a single contact. Unlike suppliers offering simple vehicle plate reading solutions, the experience acquired in 10 years of collaboration with countless private and public consumers, permits Selea proposing tailor-made solutions to successfully deal with Access Control (for Private Companies, Hotels, Parkings, etc) in every specific case.