maincubes’ Data Centers Support Manufacturers in Securing Their Industry 4.0 Roadmaps

‘German-engineered’ data center infrastructure, that’s what maincubes claims to deliver. Industry 4.0 (‘the fourth industrial revolution’) is also a German invention, a strategic initiative from the German government to let manufacturers embrace ‘smart factory’ principles. These German approaches share a common goal: to enhance efficiency, flexibility and time-to-market for manufacturers in a secure way.

As an expanding European provider of colocation services with data centers located in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, maincubes tends to label its data center infrastructure as German-engineered. Why? Because their facility designs and technologies being selected are aimed at risk-avoidance, something that can be seen as a typical German feature. maincubes has uniquely deployed extra redundancy in its data center cooling and power (2N and N+1), just to be sure. They also have a wide spectrum of risk-avoiding security measures in place, including bulletproof walls, tailgating technology as well as silent nozzle systems. They also have personnel on site 24/7, to aim for the highest data center security and maintenance levels. And, to avoid any risk of bad-performing network paths for their clients’ ICT infrastructures, they selected a variety of Tier 1 carriers and other leading connectivity providers for their Frankfurt and Amsterdam data centers.

Industrial IoT Study

Industry 4.0, also called the fourth industrial revolution or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), builds on the third industrial revolution through which computers and automation were widely adopted. Industry 4.0 enhances manufacturers’ infrastructures with smart and autonomous, cloud-based systems that are intertwined and fueled by data and machine learning. Its ingredients also include robotics, cyber security and secured connectivity, which are all aimed at enhancing efficiency, flexibility and time-to-market in a secure way. That’s where maincubes comes in, with its focus on security and connectivity details in its data centers, allowing manufacturers including for example Daimler – actually a colocation client of maincubes – to securely house and manage their data and further digitize their entire value chains. Data centers form a fundamental part of an Industrial IoT journey. This is confirmed by a recent study titled: ‘Successful business models with IoT platforms and eco-systems – Secure data exchange – Infrastructures – Monetization,’ conducted by Crisp Research AG and commissioned by maincubes. When selecting a data center for IoT, 59 percent of the IoT decision-makers agree on the fact that the prevailing security level of the data center is a very important decision criterion.

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