DAMEC: Experts in the field of high-precision mechanics!

Damec S.r.l. is based on the twenty-year experience of its owner Danilo Maggioni, who works in the field of precision engineering and mechanics since 1981. Our company deals with the marketing and commercialization of honing tools and machines for deep honing processing. Since 2014, Danilo Maggioni is helped by his two children – Francesco and Claudia, who have the same passion of their father and together they are bringing DAMEC to success.

We are focused on three main points:

-rising to national and international market by constantly developing and improving the know-how, which allows our company to become more and more efficient and competitive;

-searching and developing our solution and innovative processes in order to satisfy our customer with the best quality product and service;

-taking care of the relationship between our customer and our team with reliability and perseverance, considering them a concrete possibility to obtain a social and professional growth.

Operating fields of our company are various: operation with honing machines, mechanical honing process, removal of burrs, surface and bore treatment, assistance and service of your machines. Our company sells different products like honing machines, abrasive wheels, abrasive stones, brushes, standard and multi-stone tools, mandrel, adaptor, filter and our honing oil. Our honing machines are personalised and have been studied to hone the inner bores of light, medium and heavy pieces.

DAMEC works constantly to integrate new technologies and to increase productivity and quality, for this reason it can be considered as a “smart factory” thanks to innovation and technology.

An example of innovation is the new type of honing machine with an automation system: LDH-86.

The main features of this machine are:

-Working at the same time 3 or more pieces;

-Function of auto-centering of tools;

-Workable diameters from 4mm to 40mm.

An important tight is that LDH-86 can be remotely handled with a computer or smartphone.

Thanks to all these functions complies all the requirements to be introduced into the processes of industry 5.0.

In conclusion our honing machines as LDH-86 reduce production times and labour costs, increasing production processes and making work easier for the operators. Also, our products of daily use keep the costs down thanks to their long-lasting.

It is for all these reason that Damec could be considered as a concrete aim thanks to the constant dedication of many people, who during the time have realised a real-life dream.

E-mail: info@damec.eu

Website: www.damec.eu