SOLUTIONS for fluid packaging

This year has seen the emergence of a new player in the extrusion and blow-moulding machine manufacturing panorama. AlphaMAC enters the market as a highly innovative company, focusing on existing and emerging problems in the industry and offering solutions to a more than ever consolidated field in an era where technical evolution and development must bring a new way to view automatic machines utilization. Thanks to an experienced team of people, with an important background and know-how, and the support of a consolidated network of companies, specialized in packaging solutions of different fields of activity, the company has taken advantage of a real technological contamination of ideas developing a different way to think about process, applied on high quality standards machines.

Alpha SERIES is the brand-new range of AlphaMAC, designed to provide users with reliability, performance, world class service and which covers an exhaustive range of applications and users, combining two distinct but complementary aspects: the technological features of extrusion-blow moulding machines, that today create a value for customers, and the flexibility to create a machine which meets the needs of a wide variety of users. The range of applications is within fluid packaging from 100 ml up to 25L, with monolayer wall structure up to 6 layers.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive human machine interface with an icon management and a software with self-learning capability on process parametrization, using the machine is within the reach of any operator, with the possibility to set and to easily adjust key process parameters from the PLC. Machines stand out for their robustness, the quality of the materials used for their construction and the accurate interior design with a real attention to the absence of obstacles which facilitate maintenance operations.

Some of the innovation included in this new series can be appreciated through the lot of features which reduce process setting and tooling changeover required time, like material colour changing, individual fine tuning of melt flow on head cavities, fine positioning and centring of blow-pins with the machine on operation, the flexibility to process high percentages of regrind and recycled materials (PCR). Connectivity for remote troubleshooting management, predictive maintenance features, complete production data collection, utilization on smart-devices and more to be implemented in the future.

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