Polycarbonate technology solutions, resistant and bright, for a constantly evolving construction industry

GiPlast Systems Srl rapresents the perfect synthesis of the thirty years experience in the extrusion field of GiPlast Srl and know-how in the building products of its staff, grown up in twenty years of activity in the field. GiPlast Systems Srl offers a full range of polycarbonate systems for walls, roofs, sheds, false ceilings, suspended ceilings, internal partitions, greenhouses and all those typical industrial building applications but not only by finding extensive use in sports halls, shopping malls and farms. All products are the result of continuous researches and improvements over time for a constantly evolving market, collaborating with our partners and developing together the solutions that best suit the applications you require. Giplast Systems offers a wide range of products divided into 10 families:

TOPLIGHT – Solid corrugated polycarbonate sheets with coextruded UV protection on the outer side, is an ideal product for industrial application, in combination with the main metal corrugated sheets or sandwich panels available on the market, as well as suitable for wall and roof applications in greenhouses.

LIGHT – Multiwall corrugated sheets 2,5 mm thickness. This product is extremely adaptable because it can used in the middle of the roof, in ridge to gutter applications and/ or in side overlap with most metal corrugated sheets or sandwich panels currently available on the market. The multiwall structure of these sheets offers many advantages in terms of thermal insulation, limited condensation formation (compared to the same solid corrugated polycarbonate shapes), robustness and load resistance.

WALL– Is a tongue&groove modular system, 500 mm width, available in 6-walls structure (thickness 16-20-25-30 mm) and double X and MonoX structure (40 mm). The thermal transmittance values of the different versions allow to meet the actual requirements required by current regulations. This is the ideal product for the construction of vertical walls in industrial buildings.

REVERS -Is an innovative modular polycarbonate system that allows the realization of roofs and vertical walls thanks to joining profile connecting the panels to each other. These joining profiles can be made of polycarbonate, to achieve maximum transparency of the solution without visible visual interruption, or aluminum, to ensure greater load resistance.

SYSTEM -Is an extremely versatile system suitable for application on different types of curved roofings even with big dimensions.The advanced extrusion technology allows to SYSTEM panels to guarantee perfect waterproofness and high resistance to wind and snow loads.The panel provides excellent light transmission while the coextruded UV protection on the external layer keeps the physical and mechanical characteristics of the panels unchanged over time.

CEILING– Modular panels are mainly installed as false ceilings in industrial buildings. The various thicknesses available (from 16 mm to 30 mm) and the innovative 6-walls structure allow to comply with the thermal transmittance values required by current laws. The false ceiling made with CEILING, coupled with GRECA, LIGHT or TOPLIGHT sheets, allows to further improve the thermal insulation values.

COVERTECH -Panels are designed to facilitate the installation of skylights into the most common insulated panels on the market. The different thicknesses available (25 mm – 30 mm – 40 mm) make the system adaptable to most panel thicknesses, providing good thermal insulation and light transmission. It is possible to make skylights even on long slopes by carefully verifying the required expansion spaces.

GRECA -Are polycarbonate multiwall corrugated sheets with an honeycomb structure and a cover width of 1000 mm. Sheets have been developed for lateral overlaps to most insulated panels and / or corrugated metal sheets available on the market. Designed for the installation of skylights both in single and multiple applications, thanks to the possibility of longitudinal and / or lateral overlapping, they are also available in thermocurved version (except GRECA 250/75), with bending radii of 3500 mm or 6000 mm.

ONDA -Polycarbonate multiwall corrugated sheets extruded following the European standard 177/51. The possibility to produce sheets in different widths (5 ½ waves, 6 ½ waves and 7 waves) allows various overlapping solutions to solve the many issues regarding industrial roofing.

RADIUS -Is an extruded multiwall polycarbonate panel produced already curved, with a 5-walls structure and a uniform thickness of 20 mm throughout the arch. Its special shape, OBTAINED DURING THE EXTRUSION PROCESS, allows it to have a particularly strong structure.