MMB Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl 90 years of quality at customer disposal

MMB Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl is a company founded in Varese in the first two decades of ‘900 specialized in mechanical machining by chip removal.
In July 2016 the fund Assietta Private Equity III ( has acquired the total control.

The company has modern lathes and machining centers to ensure its clients an exclusive service and high reliability.
The depth technical know-how and the large technical knowledge based on over 90 years of experience, combined with an organization that provides dedicated and flexible departments that cooperate to obtain a high quality final product, in compliance with the contractual schedule. .

Constant attention to customer requirements and high production standards, allowed MMB to diversify and expand the market in all sectors.

The main fields covered are:
➢ Hydraulics (components for hydraulic cylinders, pumps, distributors)
➢ Automotive, agricultural and earth moving equipment
➢ Oil & Gas (flanges and components for industrial valves up to 20″)
➢ Elevators (components of the lifting system)

CNC machining Department:

30 CNC machines equipped to handle from the single sample up to thousands pieces lots, this department represents the know-how of the company.
We have manual loading lathes and automatic production lines with a maximum of 18 pallets and 240 tools. This allows us to be extremely flexible.
The size range is limited to Ø 1000 mm and weight 2000 kg.
Typical materials machined are cast irons, carbon steels, austenitic, martensitic and Ni, Cr, Cu, Al alloys from casting, forging, stamped or bars.

Quality Department:

The company has a certified quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. Updates on certification are made on regular basis.
The QC is equipped with a CMM machine and a 3D measuring arm as well as several traditional instruments for dimensions, geometry, roughness, hardness, thickness of coating, etc.
The staff is certified to perform liquid penetrant and visual test.


MMB, in order to meet customer needs, has developed over the years a network of additional services such as:
– Raw material procurement (also with end users inspections on laboratory tests, third party agency witness, etc.)
– Overlay and joints by welding
– Surface treatments, welding overlay, coatings, paintings through certified suppliers
– Storage of raw material / finished parts on framework agreement base with customer (i.e. Kanban, etc.)
– Handling of inspections during production phases or dimensional controls
– Lab tests
– Special packaging
– National and International shipments

MMB Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl
Via I Maggio, 34 – 21048 Solbiate Arno (VA) – ITALY
Main: +39 0331 990611