Alfa Stampi is specialized in the design and manufacture of moulds for the production of O-Rings and technical articles in different types of elastomer and silicone in paste for the most varied industrial applications. Injection, compression, injection-compression, transfer and capillaries are the types of moulding to which our moulds are mainly suitable.

Located in Adrara San Martino (Bergamo), in the so called “Rubber Valley” well-known all over the world for its high specialization in the rubber processing at 360 degrees, the company celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

Over the years, the trend of our production has undergone a significant change. In 1984 the entire production was reserved to produce moulds for O-Rings and simple technical articles (e.g. washers, frames), and then gradually moved towards the construction of moulds for complex technical articles. This diversification, also thanks to the recent investments in the training of our team and the close collaboration with our customers, has steadily and progressively increased over time and the number of moulds for complex technical articles currently exceeds 80%.

Reliable suppliers, certified materials, constantly updated machines, careful controls and above all years of dedication and passion of our work are the factors which have allowed us to establish ourselves as a qualified supplier for national and international customers. Every year we design and manufacture around 600 moulds. For a long time, our market has gone beyond regional and national borders. Currently we commercialize 55% for the Italian market and 45% for foreign markets which is steady growing.

Following step-by-step all the stages of the production, from the initial co-design to the finished product, Alfa Stampi proposes customized moulds able to meet the targets requested by customers. 

Moreover, Alfa Stampi offers numerous services, managed directly in-house or in collaboration with local trusted partners: among the most requested there are the studies on filling and the moulding simulations carried out by dedicated design software as well as the mould trial and the first sampling to verify its functionality. 

Through a combination of machining centers, lathes, die sinking EDM, tangential grinding machines and high-performance measuring instruments, the offered moulds meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding Italian and foreign clientele.