Company founded in Milan in far 1933 and moved in 2008 to a new plant in San Vito al Tagliamento, in the north east of ITALY. Romani is nowadays among the main worldwide manufacturers of Industrial Knives, Steel Mill Liners, Machine Hardened Ways and Bending Tools.

SHEAR STRAIGHT KNIVES we produce are used for different applications: hot and cold shearing of slabs, strips, heavy plates and long products.
ROTARY KNIVES and TOOLS for coil slitting. Our knives are manufactured in the most suitable grade for each different application, with the aim to guarantee the highest possible number of cuts or Tons processed per cutting edge in Steel and Aluminium Industries.

Rolling Mill Stand’s LINERS and WEAR PARTS are manufactured in our new concept of surface hardening to obtain DUAL HARDNESS. Top side is HARD to guarantee wear resistance and bottom side is SOFT to absorb loads and vibrations. Further materials other than steel also available, like bronze and copper alloys, cast iron and plastic.

Our HARDENED GUIDEWAYS are made with the tightest tolerances of flatness and parallelism and roughness, that effects directly the precision of the machine where these parts are assembled. The GUIDEWAYS can be surface hardened or through hardened . Capacity up to 7 meters in length in one single pieces.

BENDING TOOLS are projected and made of materials able to resist to wear and bending tonnage. Vario V bottom tools is our patented system that adjusts continuously the width of the vee with precision of 0,1 mm.

ROMANI is a reliable and excellent global partner of the main OEMs, Steel Producers, Steel Service Centers and Machine Builders.

ROMANI is YOUR SPECIFIC SOLUTION about Cutting, Wear Resistance, Bending and Sliding.