Created in 1970 by Alberto Burzoni, the company still reflects the strong personality of its founder, who is always active and dynamic in his work. After 45 years BFT Burzoni is an authentic point of reference in the field of metal chips removal. With its warehouse holding 10 million pieces divided in 45.000 articles avaible for immediate delivery, BFT Burzoni can meet any need in the sector. How Mrs Arianna Burzoni, the charismatic daughter of the founder, underlines “the tool market is highly specialized and competition is intense. The high quality and up to date tecnology of our wide range of products is one of the key of our success. In addition to large numbers of standard products, all under the BFT Burzoni trademark, our technical office, run by Pierluigi Pozzi, realizes special products upon costumer request, with very short delivery times. Flexibility is one of our main characteristic. Our company logo is a black panther with yellow eyes, which reflects not only the corporate colours, but our agility and speed.” Another strong point in BFT Burzoni is the team. There are 30 people working in the company and 22 agents under Sales Director Gian Luca Andrina “Twenty operates in Italy and two in Germany, while other countries are serverd by retailers. Essential for our sales agents is the technical competence, they are able to advise a client regarding the right product. To find the most performance tool means to save significant amounts of time and money for our customers.” In 2019 Bft Burzoni will be present in three important fairs: Mecpse in Parma, 28-2930 march, IVS in Bergamo, 22 e 23 May, and EMO in Hannover from 16 to 21 September. EMO is a very important worldwide exhibition and for BFT Burzoni is an important appointment to increase the foreign business. BFT Burzoni is a costantly evolving company and during these exhibitions will present four new line of products: BDRILL, a complete line of indexable drills 3xD, 4XD and 5XD, with 4 cutting edge inserts suitable for all materials and with one geometry especially engineered for stainless steel and heat-resistant super alloys. CU-DRILL, a complete line of indexable drills 3xD, 5xD and 8xD. The spade drills cover from diameter 8 to 26 and have different grades that are able to machine every kind of material. CASTORO LINE, a complete and innovative line of PARTING-OFF, GROOVING, TURNING inserts. A new grade combined with a special geometry is very performing in inconel and all other heat-resistant super alloys machining. CNMG 120408, will complete the range of the successful Gold Panther turning inserts with very performing grades and innovative geometries. Alongside with new products BFT Burzoni boasts the grades CCT35 and CCD40 successfully affirmed on the market. They are very performing in all kind of stainless steel, Duplex, Superduplex, titaniun, inconel and all heat-resistant super alloy, they grant high toughness under extreme temperature conditions, permetting high cutting speeds and longer tool life, as well as absolute reliability during both milling and turning machining processes. The company‘s portfolio has innovative products specifically manufactured for mould and die market; we will be proud to present a new patent concerning a super finishing head mill. BFT Burzoni commercial networks has all the requirements to take up the great challenge of the future with the utmost enthusiasm.