SASSATELLI offer to its customers a thirty-year experience as manufacturing

Specialized in the production of acessories of very high precision mechanical tooling: live centers for lathers and grinding machine with and without extraction nut, live centers with axial compensation recommended for use on cylindrical connector for spindle and for turret, dead centers with and without extraction nut and dead centers with hard metal cover, truncated cone head and flanges to chuck for dead and live centers, pipe driving center with integral and interchangeable head, front driving center for permits the tool to be worked in both directions, drivers for machining small / medium / large parts, driving dogs, thread cutting and tapping machines, special tool for dressing diamond and borazon grinding wheels, deformation knurling system for traditional and CNC lathers, knurling tools, machine alignment cones with or without nut, reduction bushes and special devices upon customer’s drawing.
It offers a high technological product, as result of a constant updating and research in new design and accurate manufacturing of innovative products, working together with important world manufacturers of machine tools.
A gradual and well-balanced growth and the commitment of men who believe in their goals have allowed SASSATELLI to be present on the Italian and the International market and to guarantee the full meeting of customer expectations.
It satisfies the needs of differentiated customers: from small to big supplies. Big and impressive companies testify the success and quality of our products.