To gain customer loyalty you do not need special effects you just need a quality policy

Reliability, technology and solidity. FMB focused on these simple levers: Bergamo’s entrepreneurial reality that since 1982 constantly strengthened its presence and authority on the international band saw and drilling machines market. Our technical department is the heart of our company: here arises the careful planning of our machines, built and tested to guarantee unmatched performances. Adapting the generic features of the machine to the specific end user requirements has been, since the beginning, the element that has allowed FMB to soon establish itself as a major player on the Italian and foreign market. Each step of production − ruled by technological and cyber systems − ends with electromechanical tests among the strictest in our sector. Guaranteeing a final excellent product is a target, but not the only one for FMB. Our enterprise philosophy is oriented to environmental sustainability, territory and human resources promotion. Against the logic based exclusively on the power of price, FMB chose a more farsighted policy, aimed at the promotion of a genuine made in Italy based on high quality components and skilled labour. Customer’s loyalty is now a reached goal, thanks to our trade policy geared towards “customer’s satisfaction”. A global, capillary sales network and a prompt and efficient helpline, permit to consolidated and new customers to never feel alone. The seriousness of our company can be easily measured through another parameter: it is possible to quickly obtain official spare parts for outdated and no longer in production machines. The customer’s centrality is proved by specific assistance programs carried out at our headquarter, for maintenance intervention and specific training. It is in the sharing of know−how between company and customer that lies, for FMB, a virtuous practice to be perpetrated day by day. These are the PLUS that for 35 years have made the difference in FMB. This year FMB will be exhibitors at the MECSPE exhibition from 28th to the 30th of March 2019 in Parma (Italy) and at the EMO exhibition in Hannover (Germany) from the 16th to the 21st September 2019, we will be glad to meet you showing our latest news and products! These are the PLUS that for 35 years have made the difference in FMB.