Industry Supplier for electrical machinery, any type and power

Comelmar motors is a private company, it was established in 1975 as repairing service for electric motors. At the beginning we increased our business manufacturing D.C. motors then Medium Voltage motors. Now the quality of supplied products is insured by an equipped workshop that, taking of 30 years’ experience, is able to operate on every type of electric machine.
Our market was mainly in Italy then we spread in foreign Countries: Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Comelmar activity is articulated into different parts:
Emergency area: in case of problems like a damage motor we are able to reach our Client to solve it with the replacement of the same motor or repairing it directly on the plant.
Production area: today our manufacturing program includes: .Asynchronous induction motors with squirrel cage rotor .Asynchronous induction motors with slip ring rotor .Explosion proof asynchronous induction motors .Direct Current motor,

We are able to manufacture Medium / High Voltage motors according Customer‘s requirement as duplicate machines for existing drives. Comelmar motors are used world-wide in different industrial application like cement mill, paper mill, chemical and petrochemical, where they are used to drive fan, compressor, pump, mixer etc.
Moreover ,thanks to an agreement with an Italian manufacturer, we are able to offer and install oil electrical distribution transformers in power range from 50 kVA to 25 MVA with max voltage 132 kV and resin transformers from 160 kVA to 25 MVA max voltage 36 kV
Comelmar own the Quality Assurance corresponding ISO 9001 / Vision 2000.

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