Your switches or valves have a safe control that prevent access to dangerous areas?

Our security systems use mechanical key interlocks that garantee, while power to the system is activated, the access doors to the hazardous area remain locked. The key A remains locked in the lock (1) while the process is actived and the line is powered. To access the hazardous area, the disconnector is moved to the OFF position and the bolt A is advanced, locking the disconnector in the open position (OFF). Key A is then picked up and taken to the grounding switch. By inserting and turning the key A in the second lock (2), the operation of the grounding lever is released. Once rotated, the slot on the lever aligns with the next lock lock (3), whose key B is trapped in the lock. Now the key B can be removed from the lock (3), thus locking the lever in the closed position, ensuring that the earth connection can not be interrupted. The system is now disconnected and connected to earth, the B key can be used to operate the access unlocking lock on the dangerous area door to access it.

The international evolution of the company and the development of ad hoc solutions for many different industrial sectors have underlined the importance of diverse applicative necessities and installation traditions. For these reasons Arel has a wide range of products from its classic and renowned Light Duty series, a second series called Heavy duty.
The THE AREL ™, born in 1965, has over 50 years of experience in the market of handles, locks and mechanical interlocking systems production for MT/AT electric implants and Heavy Industries. The lock brand AREL™ is largely recognized as the setting reference of mechanical and electromechanical interlocks. Quality and flexibility in the production of personalized solutions are strength points that gave us the opportunity to occupy a significant, and constantly growing, place in the market.