MGM Electric Brake Motors Top Quality for the Toughest Invironments

MGM was established in 1950 and from the beginning we specialized in brake motors manufacturing.
M.G.M. brake motors are asynchronus three-phase totally enclosed fan cooled motors. The motors brake in case of power supply failure. The production range is from frame size 56 upto 315 with output powers from 0.03 kW upto 130 kW. M.G.M.
Brake motors series are:
BA (from 71 to 315 IEC frame size), BM (from 56 to 225 IEC frame size) and SMI. BA series consists of three phase asynchronous brake motors, the brake power supply is AC 3-phase, on request it can be provided DC with rectifier. BM series consists of three phase asynchronous brake motors, the brake power supply is DC with a rectifier.
SMI series is consists of three-phase asynchronous electric motors with integrated frequency inverter. We produce also SMX serie IE3 electric motors. We have three manufacturing plants in Italy, one branch in Canada, one in US, one in India and another one in Turkey. MGM is a worldwide organization, having distribution and technical support facilities in more than 60 countries in the world.

MGM brake motor main features are:
TEFC 3-ph asynchronous brake motors AC 3-ph brake (no rectifier)
Oversized brake disc for higher brake torque, longer life and reduced maintenance
Fine and easy brake torque adjustment (as standard)
Very quick brake reaction time Frequent START/STOP cycle applications
Manual brake release Hexagonal hole non NDE for manual shaft rotation (to set the shaft position)
Single speed or two speeds motors
All motors designed for inverter duty

Main applications for our brake motors:
Packaging machinery
Brick and ceramic machinery
Conveyors Machine tools
Indexing table
Cranes Goods or people hoisting platforms
Automatic doors
Textile machinery
Food processing machinery
Any application requiring quick start and stop.

The BA and BM series are also available in the following main versions:
PV (BAPV, BMPV): that allow progressive start and stop, particularly suitable for traverse.
F (BAF): with double brake disc and extremely high braking torque.
SV/AV (BASV, BMAV): with forced cooling.

For further details we suggest to refer to the MGM general catalog or to the MGM technical staff.