IDROELETRIKA The world leader in ecological and eco-sustainable solution

ECO system – THE FIRST RANGE OF ECOWASHERS CREATED FOR EFFECTIVE AND INTELLIGENT CLEANING “ECO system” is a family of multi-purpose industrial cleaners and decontaminators with hot water heated in pressure and reduced flow rates; ecological and environment friendly.“ECO system” is based on a unique patent, named “Idroelectric system”, which, functioning with high temperatures (up to 90 °C continuous) and a powerful dispersing effect (pressure from 70 to 150 bar), combined with low flow rates (from 2,5 to 10 lt/ min and more on request) allows the removal of residual organic, saline, mixed and even carbon based substances otherwise difficult to remove.

IKA-Ex series – HEAVY DUTY & MOBILE VERSION (ALSO COLD WATER) “IdroEletrika ATEX system” is a special designed hot and cold water high pressure cleaner, ideal for the oil and gas industry where the use and supply of special equipment is strictly monitored and requires industrial grade machines guaranteed 100% for use in areas with risk of explosion zone 1 and 2. Different to most other systems found on the market, where water is heated prior to pumping and with a limited duration of hot water, the IKA-Ex series’ advanced technology heats water after the pump through heavy duty reinforced patented boiler groups which maintain a constant working temperature continuously. Our ATEX system use some of the best quality components with machines in stainless steel AISI 316L and all major and electrical components being ATEX certified. We have obtained certification approval by one of the most rigorous certifying bodies in the industry, DNV – Det Norske Veritas, and ensure that all our models are made to the same standards. “IdroEletrika ATEX system” is based on technology originating from our standard patented high pressure boiler system which is produced in low, medium and high flow rates for various number of industries.

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