We respect the environment with processes careful to waste and consumption!

Quadrifoglio srl is an Italian company with over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of screening panels in polyurethane.

RHT is an italian producer of screening plants and screening panels which has been Quadrifoglio’s customer for over 15 years, showing how Quadrifoglio srl has consistently been delivering the highest quality products, offering availability and flexibility in the handling of its customers’ requests, as well as attaining short delivery times, and lower prices than[its competitors.

RHT’s CEO, Eng. Franco Ferrero, explains how Quadrifoglio company is able to produce any kind of screening system, on par and better than the most famous and influent brands in the
market. Thanks to the support and the cooperation amongst all the departments in company -technical, marketing and production- he continues, Quadrifoglio company is able to design and produce custom polyurethane products, that comply with any type of screening and sector’s specifications. Your choice of suppliers of polyurethane spare
parts can be reduced to one, thanks to the broad selection of screening panels, scrapers, rollers, wheels and barrels on offer at Quadrifoglio. All the products are of the highest quality, manufactured with wear and tear resistant polyurethane.

The on-premise technical office is capable of develop its products directly off of a customer’s technical drawing , with production time between 2 to 4 weeks. The production molds are built inside the company as well, with advanced
technology machines and everything is planned so as to minimize cost and production time.

Quadrifoglio srl is a solid and reliable partner in the development of custom-made polyurethane products, with a proven track record of finding solutions to specific customers’ problems and needs.

The industry sectors of reference are: extractive, drilling , quarries, mines, recycling and industrial. Quadrifoglio is available to provide a quote or deliver production samples upon request.”