Quality Made in Italy for global requirements



I.T.E. S.r.l. is an Italian company established in 1998 from the fusion of two companies, one specialised in trading and one in production, created by several individuals already operating in the Oil & Gas field since 1980. I.T.E. is one of the largest Italian and European manufacturers of valves and fittings for the installation of industrial instruments, in particular needle valves, ball valves, instrument manifolds, instrument adapter connectors, twin ferrules compression valves and fittings, check valves, globe valves, separation and condensation pots, air distribution pots, fire sensor and sampling systems.

Furthermore, I.T.E. sells Tubing, Piping, forged fittings and other components to guarantee a turn-key supply with
regards to the accessories of the plant. The company I.T.E. has its own technical and engineering department, consisting of personnel with several year experience in this field, supported by the most advanced
development systems, capable of satisfying any customer requirement.

Production, as well as mechanical processing and assembly and inspection are all carried out within the plant of Fossò (Venice), with the latest generation of numerically controlled machines and highly qualified personnel.

I.T.E. has a production batch traceability system, from receipt, to marking and right through to when the material leaves the factory with the emission of product certificates that are also available on a specific customer dedicated website.

Furthermore, the company has automatic warehouses in which the semi-finished products are stored, ready to be assembled according to the technical specifications of the customer. In order to satisfy the demands of



each customer, I.T.E. has a large assortment of finished products to guarantee fast deliveries.

I.T.E. has automatic welding machines that are operated by qualified personnel, always in observance of the welding procedures regulated by international norms. The welding machines have been designed, built and personalised especially for the specific requirements of our products.

The welding machines have been designed, built and personalised especially for the specific requirements of our products.

The success achieved by the company is connected with its ability to anticipate and understand customer requirements, offering a highly professional service combined with flexibility, fast replies, innovation and inventiveness. These requirements make our field unique on a national as well as international level and very much appreciated by large industrial groups. Our quality policy, satisfaction of new customer requirements, ongoing training of human resources, improvement in company equipment, research for new markets and the updating of know-how acquired represent the strategic company mission.

In order to provide greater current and future guarantees to its customers, I.T.E. has adopted a Quality System in
compliance with current norms.

The company policy related to growth and improvement, as well as the control of the entire production chain has
gained I.T.E. a Quality and Safety Integrated Management System certificate, with reference to the standards ISO
9001 and OHSAS 18001 as well as the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.