IPL,Reliability, Punctuality, Support and Warehouse

IPL manufactures and sells nuts, bolts, studbolts, hex bolts and threaded rods, standard and special to adopt costumers’ requirements. IPL can supply customers with these kinds of products quickly and skillfully.

Material used: ASTM A193 (alloy and stainless steels), ASTM A194 (nuts in carbon, alloy, martensitic, austenitic and stainless steel), ASTM A320 (carbon and stainless steel), ASTM A182 (duplex and superduplex), ASTM F468 (monel), ASTM B637 (inconel – hastelloy), ASTM A453, ASTM F467 (non-ferrous alloys).

The company can supply treatments and coatings as crucial
phase of the production:
-Hot-dip galvanization ASTM F2329-F2329M
-Electrolytic zinc-plating (White – Yellow – Black ) ASTM
-PTFE Xylan® 1070-1024 etc. Coatings Blue / Green / Red /
-Xylar® 1 or Xylar® 2 ceramic coating
-ASTM B700 silver plating
-High-salinity envinronment cadmium plating ASTM B766
-Nickle plating ASTM B689
-Zinc-Nickel plating ASTM B841
-Electroless Nickel plating (ENP) ASTM B733

IPL’s costumers service is one of the most considered aspect of the company and can be summarized in 4 key words: Reliability, Punctuality, Support and Warehouse.

Quality, nevertheless is the most important component of our product line, that is why IPL is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and its products with the following International certifications: – ADW0 – PED

Moreover, the following experimental tests can be carried
out upon request on every product:
-Mechanical testing of hardness, tensile stress, impact
testing and proof load testing
-Metallographic testing
-Stress/ creep testing
-Ultrasound testing
-Test dye-penetrant
-Dimensional inspection
-ASTM D6677 adhesion testing
-ASTM D968 Corrosion testing
-ASTM B117 Saline environment corrosion testing
-Chemical analysis
-PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing