Design and Manufacture Made in Italy high quality standards of safety and efficiency

Set up in 1987, Indra Srl is nowadays at the forefront in the designing and manufacturing of a new concept instrumentation Valves: Manifolds, Monoflanges, SBB & DBB both in needle and ball types, strictly produced in according to the most stringent quality standards of safety and efficiency.

The company is characterized by ‘Made in Italy’ and by the monitoring of all the production’s steps, from the engineering to the construction. A product traced in all its phases of production and the certain origin of the materials are fundamental characteristics in critical applications of various industrial sectors, especially for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry, where Indra mainly operates.

The experience in the understanding of applications requirements, combined with the high flexibility, allows Indra to develop customized solutions designed for customers’ specific needs. The products are machined from the most standard materials but also from those ‘exotic’ materials used for critical applications (Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel…).

Attention to quality Indra products are intended to plants and machinery of the highest value and technological content. Hence the need to guarantee the highest quality. For this reason the company has modern machinery for very precise mechanical processing, with testing phases of every single product during the various production steps

Modular Interlocking Manifold SIL4 for Hipps Systems

An example of a product suitable to guarantee a high standard of safety, efficiency and quality is the Modular Interlocking Manifold SIL4 for Hipps Systems, designed specifically for instrumental control applications. The Modular Manifold permanently guarantees the continuity of information between the process and the pressure sensors: human error is completely eliminated and, in the condition of having to replace and / or check electrical or mechanical damage to one or more sensors pressure, one or more sensors always remain active. Indra’s valves production can be completed with complementary accessories, something that makes the company a favourite and reliable partner for those companies that supply ‘packages’ of various matching goods.

Indra products are widely used in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Off-Shore, Power Generation, Naval industries, etc., used as components of plants and machineries with an high commercial and technological value

The certifications Indra

Srl is ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified, proof of a company that works according to objectives of growth and continuous improvement. The product certifications are also indispensable: Fugitive Emission, Fire Safe, Ped, Atex, are just some of the certifications available to the customer on request.

The company headquarters is in Magenta – west of Milan – in a 3.000 sqm owned building, 1.000 sqm of which are designated as offices.

Indra is currently setting up its world wide businessnetwork with several local distributors.