Eco -Techno: vacuum evaporation plants since 1984

Customized solutions, high quality standards, thirty years of know-how and professionalism are the trademark that distinguishes the company on the market. Leader in the wastewater treatment sector for water recycling and the recovery of raw materials for over 30 years, EcoTechno is a company specialized in the production of vacuum evaporation and concentration plants, operating worldwide. Headquartered in Busnago in the province of Monza and Brianza, Eco-Techno offers important solutions for all those companies that need a special treatment of polluted water. In addition to the more traditional evapo-concentration plants, the Evaporator Company proposes very specific technologies able to meet every specific application sector and purpose.

Compared to the majority of companies that promote a certain type of plant, Eco-Techno offers various solutions depending on the type of primary power supply: electric for heat pump systems (single or double effect) or mechanical vapor recompression, or with thermal carriers such as hot water or steam, also in single or multiple effects versions. Very precise choices are made on the basis of structural level with regard to the exchange surfaces: immersed coil heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger or more specific systems with forced circulation evaporators and external tube bundle. In this way the Company has been able to expand its reference market and offer the most suitable solution for each application, defining the project only after an in-depth preliminary design phase. In addition to a production area of about 1500 square meters, a large part of the internal space of Busagno headquarters was dedicated to a laboratory for analysis and preliminary tests, performed both with bench instruments and pilot plants. In fact, the company boasts a full range of pilot plants covering all types of industrial versions. Therefore, the preliminary test phases offer very accurate answers in order to confirm the best technology both in terms of energy and quality.


Various solutions to meet the needs of each sector.

The waste water resulted from the various industrial processes has very important differences in diverse production sectors, therefore it is wrong to consider that there is a single plant-engineering solution that is always viable. Also in the design of vacuum evaporators there are different types of plants, each with strong points and defects and each one more suitable than others depending on the application.


All basic vacuum evaporation systems separate the water from a solution, by means of evaporation and recondensation in order to always be extracted in liquid form. The evaporation principle is particularly indicated if the pollutants are substances such as metals, salts or in general “heavy” organic or inorganic compounds or compounds with high-boiling points that are difficult to treat with classical physico-chemical-biological systems or with membranes. The mistake that should never be made is to choose a compromise by adapting to a choice for its economy or plant-engineering “comfort”. An incorrect analysis which does not consider this aspect during the preliminary assessment phase would entail unforeseen costs.

More than 3.200 Evaporators installed worldwide are the proof that Eco-Techno’s technologies are the best solutions to reach a Zero Liquid Discharge production. Water is one of the most valuable resources, our innovation and continuous product development are based on the vision of a wastewater free future