COVAL, The Vacuum Manager


Nature doesn’t like empty spaces and does its best to fill them. This is what makes vacuum-based handling system so strong. When the air is emptied from a suction cup, nature does its best to fill the empty space by pulling the suction cup even more tightly against the opposing surface. This is the simple principle exploited by COVAL in its suction-based handling system.

COVAL. The vacuum you need. Where you need it

, when you need it. Established in the south of France, COVAL sees itself as a Vacuum Manager, designing, producing and marketing high-performance vacuum components and systems throughout the entire world for industrial applications in all lines of business. COVAL markets its products and services throughout Europe as well as in North and South America and Asia, through its subsidiaries and its network of authorized distributors. COVAL is an ISO 9001 V2015 certified company that innovates on a global scale in the area of vacuum handling using optimized components with integrated, intelligent and reliable features. Its solutions can be adapted to any industrial context and their primary goal is to improve productivity with safety in mind. COVAL provides a handy guide to the process of choosing a vacuum handling solution. It has been boiled down to a straightforward, three-step process. “We see ourselves as consultants and solution providers, using our knowledge and experience to solve our clients’ dayto-day problems”, says Marketing and Communication manager Stéphane Garcia. “These solutions are an integral part of the process of automation currently spreading throughout industry as part of the Industry 4.0 trend.” Environmental concerns and energy management play an increasingly important role in COVAL’s solutions. “Innovation is extremely important”, says Mr. Garcia. “We are currently investing in our vacuum pump development to improve the way they control the vacuum so that just the right amount of energy is used and no more. This is very important from the point of view of saving energy and reducing costs. We are also working on networking options, remote control and even remote error diagnosis and maintenance for our solutions so that they are compatible with the requirements of Industry 4.0.” One of COVAL’s most recent innovations, its LEMCOM mini-vacuum pump with fieldbus communication, was the recipient of a packaging industry award and a mechatronic award even before it had been launched. COVAL’s solutions are used in a wide variety of sectors, in which vacuum handling is critical for efficiency and productivity. The most important in terms of turnover is the packaging industry, which accounts for half of COVAL’s sales. A further 30% is divided equally between the automotive, aerospace and plastic processing industries. Each application involves differing parameters although the underlying principle remains the same. “This is where our three-step guide and our consultation service come in”, says Mr. Garcia. “In the case of existing product lines, we look to see where improvements can be made. First, the installation parameters must be defined, for example

the type of object, its surface composition and weight, and the movement required. This will determine which kind of suction pad and fixing is needed, and then which vacuum source should be chosen. We offer a wide choice so that an appropriate solution can always be found. We can also tailor product to specific needs”. The Packaging field, COVAL’s most important one, plays an important role in industrial production. Vacuum applications in this field range from grasping small bags to handling large-sized cardboard boxes. Their extremely various size, shapes, weights, and materials are a result of the many functions they need to fulfill: hold, transport, and store products, but also inform, promote, and facilitate use.

With the new CVGL series, COVAL introduces a universal solution to the Vacuum Gripper: flexible, simple and economical. Handling parts of various sizes, shapes and weights is no longer a complex, costly and timeconsuming task. With a single CVGL module, easily integrated into the process, the user can simply and safely perform random gripping of assorted parts. The CVGL series vacuum grippers offer a single solution for the handling of products in multiple industrial sectors: Packaging, Plastics, Metal, Glass, Concrete/stone, Composites, Wood.

COVAL has also recently developed an ultra-compact and light CVPC series Controlled Vacuum Cartridges, used to effortlessly install a vacuum generation system equipped with an electric control, as close to the corresponding application as possible. They perfectly meet the flexibility, customization and performance needs of machine manufacturers and integrators of robotic solutions, who want to easily design flexible, modular and efficient gripping tools.

These ideas, a result of constant dialogue between COVAL and its customers, is a genuine summary of the added value COVAL brings to manufacturers: practical, agile solutions which translate directly into productivity gains. This was confirmed by the first customer applications, under real production conditions in the food packaging sector.

COVAL’s success in France is matched by strong export sales. The company has five sales subsidiaries and currently generates half of its turnover abroad. Export will continue to be a focus in the future.


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