Header model CS 668

Cutter holder is guided in order to avoid even minor flexion, while transfer fingers consist of independent finger unit. The part to be transferred is pneumatically serrated by fingers so that the correct air pressure can be applied to each set of fingers as needed.

The oscillating transfer provides for greater flexibility and degrees of operation available for the opening and closing of the fingers; a special device allows to keep the part during the ejection from dies and is specially suggested for the production of short, special and very complex shape parts.

K.O. on punch side is innovative and independent from ram movement, trimming is made with an advanced cam Header model CS 668 system which is always assembled on the header and the hydraulic lock of the dies are further devices that make the CS 668 a complete machine.

The header model CS 668, in the version named CS 668 WS, can be equipped with a pre-heating system. The preheating system with induction, if housed in a strategic position, allows to heat the material from 600°C up to 950°C and then the it can be transferred in the tooling area. Before the pre-cutting area there is an optical pyrometer that constantly monitories the right wire temperature and drives the transfer finger, in order to avoid the wrong introduction of a short-cut which has not the correct temperature.

A special refrigeration system positioned into the die holder grants the circulation of the cooling oil, while the fire-proof sound enclosure and a proper fire-fighting equipment assure the maximum safety even when working with the extreme situation.

To complete the production line, the machine can be offered as a turn-key operation, complete with thread rolling machine. For any further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact our company at the e-mail address or visit our web site