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Our Services: Specific Interventions and Turnkey Solutions

•Engineering, Consultancy & Supplies
•Electrical, Instrumental & Industrial Automation Systems
•Valve revision and calibration, verification metrological process instrumentation
•PLC & DCS Software Development
•Distribution Boards, Control Cabinets, Consolle & Dashboards
• Special plants, Security, Telephony & Networking
•Electromechanical & Mechanical Plants, Valve and Instrumentation Maintenance and Calibration
•Ordinary/Extraordinary, Planned & Preventative Maintenance
•24/7 Availability

Technical Dept./Software Development

Planning and consultation for electrical, electrical instrumentation and security systems. Design of transformer stations, enclosures and control rooms, power and automation switchboards. The software department is able to work on the majority of the brands and products on the market, from the small PLC up to more complex SCADA or Control Systems.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Biesse Sistemi is able to engineer and build Power and Command switchboards for any industry and sector as: Atex for classified areas, power distribution, process, pneumatic, control, special boards and panels.

Packages Production

Engineering and construction of containerised solutions for control rooms, traditional or pressurised, with control panels; transformation cabins complete with distribution panels, custom-made solutions for facilities or special equipment.

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Skids Production

Electrical, Instrumental, Pneumatic & Mechanical plants On-Skid, including the supply of all the materials needed on the basis of  documentation developed or referring to the project documentation received form others.

Plants and Automation

Biesse Sistemi is able to install systems that meet requirements in the industry and service sector, ports and off-shore, throughout the country. For international territories, our technicians are specialised in supervising local staff and manage them until the final testing. In some cases, Biesse Sistemi can be responsible for complete installation for both the electric part and the mechanical part.


Providing assistance during the phases of assembly, commissioning and start-up is essential for the result. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of engineers in charge of the supervision, quality control and training, we are able to manage the systems that we programmed all over the world.

Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) and Mechanical Service

Biesse Sistemi performs metrological checks and tuning of pressure instruments, levels, temperatures, flow rates, PH, Redox, conductivity, turbidity, etc.; in the laboratory or on-site adjustment loop. The company is recognized as a Metric Repairer with its own Deposited Imprint, at the Metric Office. It also performs the reconditioning and overhauling of safety valves, regulation, on-off actuations and manuals with the carrying out of the tests and the release of the test certificates. Maintenance and calibration of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners, actuators and visual levels.