Innovative Pipe Solutions since 1969


Sagom Tubi S.p.A. is an Italian company specialised in the study, development and processing of both rigid metal pipes and flexible hoses assembled for various applications mainly focusing on the automotive, engine and tractors market segments.

After being present on the market for the last 30 years significant continuous investments allowed Sagom Tubi to create and strengthen business relations with many of the most important OEMs and corporations thanks to its know-how, experience and reliability.

Sagom Tubi’s success is to be attributed to its confidence in a quality management as a set of norms and respect of certifications’ requirements which are the foundation of its corporate philosophy and actions taken, from raw materials and processes to the systems and personnel, and last but not least up to quality seen as sustainability and response effectiveness to the market demands.

All of these features together create a productivity and capability able to offer high volumes and constant quality levels in compliance with the technical IATF and automotive VDA requirements.

Sagom Tubi’s core competency is the processing and specifically the bending and shaping processes of pipes according to the customers’ needs and requirements performed thanks to highly specialised work force and to a wide range of various specific automatic or semiautomatic equipment, tooling and numerical control machineries.

Sagom Tubi can produce up to 250.000 pcs/month and is capable to process any kind of metal pipes in the diameter/thickness range from 4×0,75 mm to 60×2 mm. Processing activities and procedures such as bending, end-forming and welding are possible thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and equipment manufactured by our sister company and SAG GROUP affiliate SagTools whose work and continuous research are aiming at developing and providing the most stable and effective hydroforming production processes with the support of the long-time experience of its latest acquired company TOSCA Hydroforming.