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Founded in 1909, RÖHM GmbH is headquartered in Sontheim an der Brenz/Germany with further facilities in Dillingen and St. Georgen. The company is one of the world’s leading clamping tool manufacturers, providing an extensive product offering and in-house, high-performance customized production. Some 1,300 employees manufacture and market clamping tools around the globe, ranging from drill chucks through efficient tool clamping and gripping technology to hightech power-assisted clamping fixtures. In addition to this, Röhm also develops and manufactures products to customer specifications for virtually all clamping situations and handling tasks. Around 50 percent of the products made in Germany are exported and the company has long since become a global player, expanding its activities in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia in particular. Röhm has 60 agencies and 15 branches worldwide. Gerhard Glanz has been the CEO of the RÖHM GmbH corporate group since September 2017.

LUBRITOOL, Machine tools achieve their full capability when they are serviced regularly. HSK clamping sets, for example should be serviced after approximately 75 hours of operation or 20,000 tool changes in order to ensure process reliability. Röhm, from Sontheim a.d. Brenz, has developed a special product, Lubritool, for these processes. Lubritool performs the lubrication of tool clamping systems in milling machines and machining centres within 5 seconds – instead of the usual 5 minutes. After being prompted by the machine controller, the maintenance tool is swapped in automatically directly from the tool magazine and provides the HSK-A 63 and 100 clamping set with the ideal amount of lubrication. The result is to reliably have the right lubricant measured out exactly at just the right time. After the process, which takes just seconds, the patent-pending solution moves back into the tool magazine where it remains until the next lubrication cycle

KZS Automated centric clamping vises technology from Sontheim a.d. Brenz . Optimized technologies and processes always increase the productivity levels of manufacturing companies. This also applies to centric clamping vises, which are used for the stationary clamping of round and angular

workpieces in conjunction with the most diverse machine tools. The newly-improved KZS centric clamping vises are well-suited for, among other things, 6-sided machining involving two clamping operations; these devices stand out due to a series of product advantages. In addition to a compact structure and a high degree of repetition accuracy, they deliver high clamping forces of up to 55 kN, an increased clamping range of 20% and a reduced interfering contour for an optimal chip flow. Several flexible applications are possible – This applies in particular to scenarios involving the use of the devices in 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers, as well as all the usual zero point clamping systems. From the user’s point of view, this area offers the largest potential for optimization. Röhm’s new KZS centric clamping vises and Easylock zero point clamping system are ideally-suited for automated processes. Both of the products in this range can be operated either pneumatically or hydraulically (e.g. with the help of the machine controls). In particular, this also means that they are ideally-suited for scenarios involving the robot-assisted workpiece loading operations associated with machine tools. This combination offers large cost-saving opportunities