Modula; Easy, Accurate, Smart Automated, Warehouse


WELCOME MODULA SLIM February 2019: during the most relevant supply chain european exhibition, Logimat, Modula proudly presented its new Modula Slim: the new VLM, available in 1,3 m/ 1,9 m and 2,5 m tray length, starting from 1,64 m of depth!!!!! The big challenge was to combine all the benefits of a VLM with a Lift Technology in the footprint of a vertical Carousel.

The name is Self-explanatory: Modula Slim. It means that it really is compact, with a new concept of space saving: taking up only 1,6 m depth to store up to 25.000 kg (gross payload) Think vertical, obviously, as the Modula Slim utilises all the vertical space up to 7 m height. This saves lot of floor space: meaning that it fits in with almost all applications and industries even if you have a very little space. It runs with less than 1,2 kW/h helping to save both energy and the planet.

The Modula Slim you can store any kind of material: cartons, bins, packages, boxes, up to 650 mm height and picking times will be dramatically improved with more than 190 picks per hour. Each tray has a 350 Kg net payload and can stock a variety of different sized items, from large quantities of smaller parts to larger and heavier components.

Individual trays can be subdivided into different compartments, of varying sizes, by using dividers and partitions, allowing segregation of the components for easy identification. This makes it easy for the operator to pick or replenish, especially when combined with our software, Modula WMS, and a variety of picking aids such as the LED bar or Laser Pointer, helping to dramatically reduce operator error.

Another benefit of the Modula Slim VLM is that all of the internal space is fully utilised, thanks to our dynamic tray height storage technology: there are no fixed heights as the Modula Slim is able to calculate the optimal location for each tray and eliminates any wasted space between them.

With Lift technology and the way the elevator moves, there are no problems with unbalanced loads unlike with carousel systems.

Fast but also safe; the safety barriers are designed for operator protection, the picking bay is ergonomic and the emergency button can immediately stop the machine should this be required. The Modula Slim is easy to install and easy to use. It can be installed in any plant in as little as 48 hours, thanks to its pre-assembled bay. It can also be integrated with various ERP systems, thanks to Modula WMS software pack.

In just a few days your staff will be ready start using it due to the intuitive and user friendly Industrial Touch screen console (Copilot) which has been designed to guide the operators through each activity with ease. Finally, no constant maintenance worries, that is limited, due to the V-Shape toothed belt transmission system, which is super quiet, requires no lubrication and its selfaligning pulley system means it’s super easy to install and adjust. The Modula Slim is a real revolution, the first step for a Lean factory, automated and integrated: using minimum space, with maximum efficiency.


presents OnePick Modula, committed to research, development and technological innovation since it got its start, will participate again this year, with two innovations: Modula Cloud and OnePick

. OnePick This innovation regards automation at the highest levels with the new vertical warehouse, OnePick. The innovation lies in the fully automatic bay not requiring an operator.

It is the ideal system to store together:

  • Different weights
  • Different volumes
  • Different shapes
  • Different geometries

OnePick has a special picking bay equipped with a robot that travels on two axes (X and Y) and a grip device that retrieves the box and places it on an external floor.

Like other vertical warehouses, it:

  • Saves floor space
  • Stores items safely
  • Automatically manages inventory
  • Tracks items
  • Saves picking time
  • Prevents retrieval and delivery phase errors

The OnePick warehouse retrieves from multiple rows. With an advanced grip device and tray movement synchronization system, retrieval of the boxes is increasingly precise, even when they are difficult to access, impractical and a long way from the workstation that needs the items.

This technology translates into tray space optimisation, the entire surface is used, even when the boxes have different geometry, volumes or shapes. Thanks to the Modula warehouse dynamic tray height storage, the spaces between trays can be optimised and boxes and containers of different unit heights can be stored with great flexibility and efficiency