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Welcome to KNF
KNF develops, produces and distributes high-quality diaphragm pumps and systems for gases, vapors and liquids. They are available as built-in pumps for OEM use as well as for process applications and laboratory use. The independent KNF Group comprises 15 companies and five production sites worldwide. KNF Neuberger Italy was established in 1972, based at our facilities in Milan, our dedicated team of experienced sales staff are responsible for the sales, marketing, servicing and technical support for the KNF product range in Italy. KNF Italy carries stocks of both Laboratory and OEM products for the local market to provide a swift turn around and offer the best possible customer service.

Series models
With more than 60 years’ experience of diaphragm pump technology, KNF offers a wide range of series gas and liquid pumps. All series models are fully approved and tested to meet the customer’s technical and economic requirements. In addition to our standard range of pumps we offer customer specific solutions and are able to tailor our pumps to suit your individual requirements. We also have the capability to design and produce pump systems to meet our local customers’ needs.




Modular System
KNF pumps are underpinned by a modular concept. Each pump type consists of three main components: pump head, compressor housing and motor. The materials used in the pump head can be substituted to provide greater chemical resistance. Multiple motor options or inter-head connections are available depending on the customer’s requirements. Starting with a series product, any pump can be modified to provide an individual customized solution, which is then referred to as a project pump.

Main markets
KNF works in the medical, laboratory, gas analysis and process markets, amongst others. In this latter market KNF provides ATEX certified pumps and compressors for hazardous environments containing aggressive and explosive media;

Double diaphragm pumps for the transfer of precious and dangerous gases;

High pressure compressors for the transfer and compression of neutral and slightly aggressive gases; PTFE pumps for gas sampling and heat resistant pumps for hot gases up to 240 ° C.

KNF is a leading manufacturer of the following products:

-Vacuum pumps and compressors
-Micro gas sampling pumps
-Swing piston pumps

-Process vacuum pumps and compressors
-Chemical resistant pumps in PTFE
-Temperature resistant and heated pumps to 240°C
-Double diaphragm pumps for hazardous and valuable gases
-ATEX compliant pumps

-Liquid transfer pumps
-Dosing pumps
-Solenoid diaphragm pumps
-ATEX compliant pumps
-Laboratory pumps and systems