FLUIDEL, A wide Range of Industrial Products




FLUIDEL has been established in the 1968, with the intent of making available in the Italian market.

A wide range of industrial products with high engineering content for various applications.

The experience achieved in each field and the wide availability of products allow to find for each application the most appropriate and complete solutions.

The activities are splitted in three Divisions: 1 Engineering 2 Construction 3 Instrumentation-Valves.

The last two Divisions handle products mainly imported, activities are based on trading. The first Division represents from the beginning the core business. Actually Fluidel Construction program mainly includes Filters and gas separators, automatic filters, coalescers, sand filters, oil/water separators, static mixers for in line mixing, pipeline terminals as pig launchers and receivers.

Engineering services are provided in the fields of gas and fluids separation, contaminant removal from gases and liquids, fuel oil conditioning systems for gas turbines and automate custom designed packaged systems ready for use. Fluidel can also offer various types of special cartridges and strainer baskets, vane mist eliminators in many materials, and cyclones in hardened carbon steel. Fluidel products are specially used in the oil and gas industries in the various steps from production, either offshore and onshore, and to transport, refining and storage. Fluidel’s activities also cover other industries like petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, water treatment, desalination, power plants etc..

Fluidel have technical and commercial offices which work closely with manufacturing shops in Italy and abroad, when original imported material is requested. The organization is extended to all necessary services for a complete contract handling, including quality control. Recently Fluidel started a closed cooperation with CHEM Process Systems Ltd, an Indian Company specialised in water treatment plants (ZLD technology), evaporation plants, crystallisers, vacuum systems and heat transfer.

This will substantially increase the market spectrum and the range of high technology products which can be proposed.

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•Steam Ejectors
•Multistage Vacuum Plants
•Ejectors and Vacuum Plants
•Jet Mixers

•Heater Exchanges
•Boiler Feed Water Heaters

•Spray Dryers

•Film Type Evaporator
•Forced Circulation Type Evaporator
•Multiflash Evaporators
•Evaporators With Simple and Multiple Effect
•Zld Water Treatment Plants
•Salt Recycling Plants