VERSALIS SPA Versalis, a new technological partner in town

Versalis (Eni) is the largest Italian chemical company. The company manufactures and markets an extensive portfolio of petrochemical products and is a leading producer of intermediates, polyethylene, styrenics, elastomers and bio−based chemicals and polymers. Core element in the company strategy is the expansion of the product porVolio with added− value and premium products.

Additionally, the company aims to achieve a leadership position in fast− growing markets by leveraging its technological and industrial expertise on a global scale: Versalis is currently present in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas


Versalis offers a comprehensive specialty oilfield chemicals porVolio and related specialized expertise, enablingthe design, managementand optimization of chemical treatments for the oil and gas industry at a global level. Production and stimulation chemicals and performance drilling chemicals can be provided over a wide range of commodity chemicals.


Crude oil and natural gas production is characterized by variable production rates and unpredictable changes in the quality of the fluids extracted. It is imperative to balance unpredictability and provide excellent performance, with an eye to optimization and sustainability. Versalis can provide specific know−how within the scope of development, quality and HSE. The Specialty Oilfield Chemicals Team is organized to provide a valuable global service and committed to exceeding customers’ expectations in terms of environmental protection, reliable flow assurance, eficient oilƒ water separation, and long−term asset integrity. Versalis e® porVolio is designed to help discover and foster new solutions for challenges encountered in the oilfield industry, with a proven track record for innovation, sustainable solutions and consistent product quality.