OP O+P is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pipeline equipment


Established in Italy in 1981, with a product catalog of more than one hundred and twenty hose and tube assembly machines and accessories, O+P is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pipeline equipment serving the global industrial community in sectors ranging from Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining and Agriculture.

Manufactured in compliance with European standards, every O+P product is designed, manufactured, tested and assembled in−house, with all mechanical components produced by O+P companies, thus ensuring complete control over the production process from beginning to end.

While its core business remains hose crimpers, from portable, easy-to-use crimpers for onsite and outdoor service to 10”industrial hoses for the Oil & Gas industry, O+P also offers a complete line of cuUng machines, skiving and fiUng assembly equipment, tube assembly equipment and test benches.

Not only do customers benefit from a wide selection of products, but O+P also offers a complete customization

service, so if a customer cannot find a product that meets their requirements, O+P can help build them a product that does.

A special product offered by O+P is Stopflex: this patented retention system has been designed to arrest the trajectory of the flexible hose, thus avoiding that the energy contained inside may trigger a frightening “whip effect”. As a matter of fact, thanks to the Stopflex system, the hose is secured to the plant by means of a cable protecting both the operators and components.

Wideness of range, development and innovation make O+P a unique, young and dynamic brand.
In the past ten years, the company has grown exponentially, opening three new branches worldwide including Shanghai (China), New Delhi (India) and Massachusetts (United States).
Its continuous growth is also being supported by the global expansion of its sales network together with its R&D investments, which are essential for a steady flow of new products.

Thanks to this, an evergrowing number of companies purchase their machines and are always voicing their satisfaction. Ultimately, this is continuously increasing its prestige and trustworthiness worldwide.
Part of the It’s Fluidmec World Group, a multi− competency organization created to meet the needs of the hydraulics, pneumatics and automation industry, O+P is equipped to meet any possible customer need. As part of a network of industry professionals with different competencies and skill sets, It’s Fluidmec World members work collaboratively to closely monitor the production process, take on challenging modification projects as well as start new trades with confidence.