IDROCALOR Idrocalor, specialized in designing and manufacturing of industrial customized ovens

IDROCALOR is specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial customized ovens for a lot of different application fields since 1907.

Our ovens are used for powder coating, surface coating, for the vulcanization of rubber and silicon seals, for the drying treatments of composite materials such as dry−type, oil filled and resin cast transformers, electrical motors, resistances, power cables, as well as for the thermal expansion of core sandwich materials.

The operating temperature range goes up to 1000˚C.
Thanks to highly qualified 3D designing techniques and to its long experience, IDROCALOR’s technical staff is able to work out every kind of request in order to find out the solution, which best meets your needs, either from the technical and economical point of view. Each product is carefully tested in order to guarantee a uniform inside temperature distribution.

AGer starting up the oven, IDROCALOR’s technicians train the customer and its employees in order to give them a full knowledge of the plant.

IDROCALOR constantly aims to the development of new solutions, particularly focusing on industrial technological innovation, as well as on the improvement of the production performances of its ovens.
The range of products include also VI-VPI plants and tunnel-furnaces used for the heat treatment in the automotive industry, packaging and steel hardening processes.
Our plants have been installed in a large number of companies located not only in Italy but also in Europe, in the Middle East, Russia and America.

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