SPINA GROUP Spina Group The solution for your project

Spina Group is an Italian leading industrial contractor that provides complete solutions for industrial plants from in−house production to maintenance. The company operates internationally in petrochemical, industrial, energy, Oil & Gas and infrastructures sectors. Spina Group is a family−owned business founded in 1990 by Franco Spina who is encouraging the generation change to his son Marco. The company was born as a representative agency of electro−mechanical material. Over the years it has been expanding as a network of highly specialized productive and selling companies, until Spina Group decided to merge the three productive plants and their specific know−how under a unique company in 2016. Schiavetti Tekno, leader in the production of cable tray system, Eurocavi, specialized in standard and customized cables and Atex, producing explosion proof materials are now part of an international reality composed of more than 70 employees, 5 branches in Mexico, Netherlands, UAE, Nigeria and Egypt, offering 11 product categories, more than 12,000 mq of owned production site and warehouse.

Since 1990 the company’s core business is about ensuring solutions for the development of onshore and offshore plaVorms, refineries, pipeline companies, naval, aero and railway systems, hydroelectric and thermos−electric power stations, from the very beginning of the working process which starts with the study and analysis of the project by expert engineers up to the final touch on packaging and shipping of the high−performing products. Furthermore, Spina Group has been signing master agreements with the most important Italian utility companies. With over 25 years of experience, Spina Group is a reliable partner in the project management and proposes the most eficient and environmentally conscious tailored solutions to support every commitment phase, by working hand−in−hand with the client through transparency, trust and respect.

Franco Spina’s words: “I’ve been driven by passion every day since when I established my company. Today I am sure that passion is the essential element that gives life to every new idea and that completes all projects. Our goal is to make what we do exciting, puUng energy into everything. So we operate since 1990!”