SCHULER PRESSEN GMBH Smart, fast and safe: the MSP 400 Schuler’s newly developed and fully networked servo press can increase efficiency and effectiveness in production

Schuler’s new MSP 400 oflers many smart functions, high productivity, process reliability and intuitive operability

Göppingen, 07/12/2018 − Press plants are facing constantly increasing challenges with regards to a higher eficiency and effectiveness in production − this is the case for both automobile manufacturers and the supplier industry. Schuler’s new MSP 400 servo press offers a solution for many cases. The 400 ton press, which is suitable for both progressive and transfer mode, can travel at an oscillating stroke of up to 70 strokes per minute thanks to the highly dynamic servo drives, and thus offers high performance in this price segment.

Schuler has designed the control of the machine in the style of an intuitive smartphone app: operators can select from predefined movement profiles or program them freely. This significantly reduces the inhibition threshold for exploiting the machine’s potential. Thanks to the kinematics of the knuckle−joint drive, forming at the bottom dead center is also slower in itself. This means that readjustment via the servo drive is not always necessary.

The “Smart Assist” soGware guides the operator step−by− step through the setup process, supported by small videos and text modules. The electronic assistant optimizes the transfer and slide profiles to maximum output depending on the clearance profiles − a complex process that used to take a lot of time.

The “Smart Assist” sofiware guides the operator step- by-step through the setup process, supported by videos and text. (photos credit by Schuler)

Process monitor integrated in the control unit
The process monitor integrated in the control unit offers extensive monitoring options. This ensures overload protection across the entire course of the press force profile and the entire movement profile; a minimum and maximum force can be defined for effective protection of the die. The response times of the electronically designed overload protection device are in the range of a few milliseconds, which is faster than with a hydraulic overload protection device. The press can be used again immediately aGer an overload has been detected.

Theintegrationofadditionalsensors−e.g. foracceleration, oscillation or pressure − enables comprehensive condition monitoring of the system, which can be displayed in the control system’s visualization. The basis for this is frequency spectra that provide information about possible wear in the gearing, bearing or motor. This prevents unplanned downtime and increases the productivity of the system. Furthermore, the process and condition data allow for complete quality control of the produced components.

About the Schuler Group – Schuler is the technological and global market leader in the field of forming technology. The company provides presses, automation solutions, dies, process expertise and service for the entire metalworking industry and for lightweight automobile construction. Its customers include automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, household appliance, packaging, energy and electronics industries. Schuler is a leading supplier of minting presses and implements system solutions for a wide range of dißerent high−tech sectors. In the 2017 fiscal year, Schuler generated sales of 1.233 billion euros. The company has a presence in approximately 40 countries with roughly 6 600 employees. Schuler is majority−owned by the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.

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