Tosi F.lli and MMV produce small brass parts on customer drawings

Tosi F.lli and MMV produce small brass parts on customer drawings. The production starts from brass bars and it is performed with high−tech machinery conducted by specialized technicians that allow a high production capacity supported by an eficient and systematic quality control according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards and technical specification ISO TS 16949 with the aid of electronic instruments. The two companies represent an important reality in the production of small metal parts with a total turnover of over 30 million euros, employ 162 people on two production sites in Varallo and Scopa, direct presence in Germany, Poland and Russia as well as an extensive international network of representatives, agents and distributors.

Farsightedness and entrepreneurial spirit led to the exploration of other industrial sectors, identifying that of Automotive Components as a possible interest for the expansion of company activities. The research led in 2000 to the acquisition of the Sirit company, which produces fittings for braking systems for industrial vehicles. Sirit represents the greatest opportunity for the future of the Group, having in fact a dedicated R&D department that evolves the products in order to make them competitive.