Eurodraw, wire drawing taken to the next level

Eurodraw Wire equipment has just completed the supply of a newly designed of wire drawing machine that takes wire drawing to the next level. Unprecedented cooling capabilities allow reaching production speeds that are in excess of 50 mƒsec on final wire sizes of 1,3 mm, starting from wire rod.

The machine has 12 blocks and is designed to draw low and medium carbon steel wire from 5,50 mm down to 1,30 mm. The wire is then wound on an heavy duty spooler with 2 tons capacity.

Our R&D department was asked to develop the fastest possible machine and to reach the target prefomances, the focus was mainly on the cooling system, the die cooling, the spooler and the electronic controls.

The original Eurodraw cooling system was already an excellent base to start but in order to reach speeds of 50 mƒsec it was necessery to improve it. The cooling system developed by Eurodraw R&D department is now 73% more eficient than the standard system and the heat removal is now suficient to ensure that the temperature of the wire entering the dies was always below 55 ˚C. The

cooling water temperature gradient is now up over 3˚C from the 5˚C of the original cooling system. An additional high volume convective air cooling system was added to the blocks to remove the heat that was not possible to be removed by conductivity.

Programmable lubricant stirrers were installed on each diebox to allow proper wire lubrication at all times and avoid the formation of a tunnel within the lubricant box.

Finally the controls of the machine where redesigned taking advantage of the latest digital communication protocols that allow the exchange of the information between the drives in the fastest possible way. The machine was fully wired in digital mode reducing the number of cables required between the machine and the cabinet.

The designs developped with this latest machine are now standard features on all the wire drawing machines range of Eurodraw.

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