Company specialized in screens for water wells

PAPARELLI ALESSANDRO E FIGLIO SRL has its origins in the previous family business: The production of tools, the building and repairing of machines for carpentry, mechanics and house building, started in the first decade of the 20th century. Later, at the end of the 50’s, thanks to his creativity, skills and business experience, Mr. Alessandro started the production of casings and screens for water wells. At the end of 70’s Alessandro’s son, Sergio (current owner), joined the company and in the following decade brought it to a continuous national and international growth. Nowadays PAPARELLI’s products are sold on the Italian territory for the 30% and on the international markets for the remaining 70% including in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. PAPARELLI’s factory presently covers an area of 7.200 sqmts and an outside open area of 15.000 sqmts. Here a wider range of products is manufactured: tubes, different types of screens, such as simple slotted, bridge slotted, spiral screen (Johnson type) ones, accessories and customized special parts. The company also offers, thanks to its long−time experience, support to research and apply new technical solutions according to the needs of the customers. Since May 1998, the management system of the company is DNV certified, presently according to the UNI EN 9001. The system of quality is already conformed to the regulation 9001:2015. Paparelli is very environmentally aware and sensible to the issue of energy saving. It has in fact a 228 KW photovoltaic system and from July 2014 till today it has produced energy equal to 856.000 Kwh avoiding a CO2 production equal to 556.000 kg (corresponding to 503 oil barrels, 3160 trees). PAPARELLI’s products can be realized in Stainless Steel (with brush Welded, Pickled and Passivated 304ƒ304L; 316L etc.), Carbon Steel (S 235 JR, Water Painted, Hot−Galvanized Carbon Steel and in every quality of steel).
The range of products includes:
−Spiral screens from Ø 34 mm to Ø 1016 mm in length till 12,00 Mt (with or without inside casing); moreover, to produce spiral screen, our production department work in wire−drawing and wire−profiling procedures.
−Bridge Slotted Screens;
−Riser Pipes;
−Simple Slotted Screens;
−Longstanding Casings for Water Wells and Casing for installation of Pumps;
−Different Pipe Unions: Threads, Collars, Flanges, Weld Rings, Reduced Flanges with Holes, Weld Rings etc.;
−Centralizers; Bottom Caps Dielectric Joints; Ties; Conical Reductions, holding clamps; LiGing Threaded Heads.
PAPARELLI also deals in PVC tubes and screens, and glass beads of different diameters to drain the wells.
To learn more about the way of working and learn about the prices, please just try to ask us for a quotation and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible with our best prices without commitment.
Visiting the web site you can see all the product range but do not hesitate to contact us for any need; by phone +39 (0) 31 790601(ask for Mrs. Angela, Mr. Marco, Miss Francesca,) or by mail writing to We will be glad to answer you.