Studio Barbieri Rag. Devis

Studio Barbieri Rag. Devis


We offer corporate accounting services in the various existing tax systems, accounting, and tax consultancy.

Our fiscal consultancy, real estate, and contributory services are also available for private individuals

Thanks to the experience and reliability handed down from father to son, we can guarantee our customer’s expertise and professionalism in dealing with problems related to fiscal and tax sectors.


Consultancy in fiscal, real estate and tax field Thanks to our experience and constant professional updating, our Office – in collaboration with Master Data s.r.l. – can offer a complete service in the fiscal, real estate and tax fields.

Our Office also takes advantage of the collaboration with an Employment Experts from Brescia for the full-scale theme of payroll.

Accounting for corporates and organizations Stock records keeping and depreciable asset bookkeeping service for each existing accounting regime (simplified, ordinary, minimum …).

Consultations and tax returns for corporate and private individuals

Tax and social security consultancy and tax returns for all types of taxpayers, tax returns such as Unico, 730, Iraq, VAT and all kinds of tax returns.

Financial statements drafting

Consultancy for the preparation of interim and year-end financial statements. For the joint-stock companies, we also make the deposit at the Trade Register office of each province in Italy.

Real estate consultancy

Consultancy for companies and private taxpayers’ real estate’s owner in the fiscal field (tax on property) and declarative (declarations for successions, purchases or sales).

Paperwork in tax and social security institutions and local authorities Consultancy for companies and private taxpayers at any local authority in the sector of tax, social security and welfare (Inps, Inail and other Italian institutions).

C.A.F. for private tax payers

Tax and social security consulting to employees and retirees, within the 730, red-Inps, ISEE, ISEEU and all the services that a ‘’C.A.F.’’ offers to taxpayers.