Pontlab is a company which from more than 10 years supports the Industry combining advanced technical competences, laboratory examinations and controls to find innovative solutions.

“Finding defects to propose solutions“ is our commitment to be the reference in materials science, in testing and counseling through the activities of “testing and analysis”. A qualified team who daily dedicate their expertise to develop projects, improve products and provide complete solutions on time.

“Consulting” is the activity that encompasses our commitment to research and development of our clients.

We work in areas of excellence through continuous development and our expertise is recognized by Certification Bodies, we make use of tools and techniques that allow to analyze the characteristics of the materials, to simulate the conditions of use, foresee the strength and know their behaviour, certifying the results in order to give real value to our work and certainty to our Customers.


“We test your ideas”

Pontlab has a flexible and multi-service structure, able to support companies of different sizes and from different sectors: mechanical and automotive, oil & gas, aerospace, chemical and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, fashion etc.

Using the latest modern and sophisticated instrumental equipment, technical personnel with

experience and expertise in different sectors, we are able to provide several services for analysis, tests, and measurements on materials, products, and components.

“We give a quick response to your needs”

We support companies with a full range of tools, services, and skills, providing customized solutions tailored to the needs of the Customer. The result is an innovative and dynamic service, characterized by great professionalism.


  • MATERIAL SCIENCE: Chemical analysis, Chemical/ physical characterization, Failure Analysis, Metallography, Corrosion, Contamination •STRESS-CORROSION CRACKING TESTING in chloride and sulfide environment: Deadweight test, Proof ring, Slow strain rate, Creep test, Ripple test , Autoclave testing, Hydrogen Induced Cracking •ACCELARATED AGING TESTS: Resistance to solar radiation, Thermal shock resistance, Thermal and humidity cycles, Ozone resistance, Corrosion resistance, Erosion resistance
  • MECHANICAL AND FUNCTIONAL TESTS: Injection systems durability test benches, Fatigue stress, Static stress, Stress tests fatigue LCF- HCF, Stress tests fatigue whit pressure, Vibration tests, Impact tests, Functional tests


Pontlab is accredited as a testing laboratory in xaccordance to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.