Protection under Extreme Conditions MSR-Electronic protects health and plants under industrial conditions.

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, permanent monitoring of plants and closed spaces, in which explosive atmosphere can occur, is necessary. For the protection of human beings, constant monitoring of toxic and combustible gases and vapours is required. Additionally, the lack of oxygen and the oxygen surplus monitoring must be carried out.

MSR-Electronic offers a wide range of methods for the detection of gases. On this basis, MSR-Electronic develops dedicated gas sensors for industrial applications where extreme environmental conditions prevail. In many manufacturing industries, health hazardous gases are being used. In order to protect workers in these areas effectively, the ambient air must be continuously monitored on the concentration of toxic gases or on the dangerous decrease of oxygen content.

All companies dealing with production and processing of gases need extra protection to prevent explosions or

poisoning of the working staff. The continuous monitoring and recording of measurement values serve the primary explosion protection and thus the plant safety.

Your advantages – with MSR-Electronic you improve the Safety, the Efficiency, and the Competitiveness.

  • More safety – More than required by all national standards (ATEX, IEC Ex, SIL2)
  • Exchangeable sensor X-Change: Considerably lower maintenance costs
  • Better planning with overall fewer costs by Integration in existing Controller / SCADA System

Safety First – MSR-Electronic provides extended safety and complies with more than the global standards.

MSR-Electronic develops and produces reliable gas alarm systems that permanently monitor the ambient air and thereby protect human life and values. On this basis, MSR-Electronic develops individual gas sensors and systems for many applications where toxic or combustible gas concentrations can form and integrates them into complex warning systems.