We approach our work with a dedication to excellence that raises the bar for quality. We understand that by solving the problems of today, we create a legacy of value.

Founded over a half century ago in 1960, Golder was created to offer specialized ground engineering services that exceeded client expectations. The Golder of today continues to excel and deliver on that vision, driving our industry forward, and anticipating and responding to our clients’ needs. From deep mine shafts in Africa to tall building foundations in Australia, from airports in Hong Kong to pipelines in Canada, from tailings management in Chile to waste management in the U.S., from transportation tunnels in the UK to groundwater remediation in Italy…

At Golder, we thrive on challenges.

Ownership Drives Quality

Our people share a common passion for technical excellence and innovation, which is at the core of our culture. And as an employee-owned company, our people are truly invested in, committed to, and are the primary beneficiaries of, Golder’s success. Together this creates a strong commitment to quality that sets us apart in every aspect of what we do. Our clients know they are working with people who own the business and the outcome. At Golder, we deliver a level of excellence and expertise that is innovative, industry-leading and is always focused on a shared vision of success.

Health & Safety is Fundamental

Work safe, home safe…that’s our goal. Safety, security, health, and wellness are fundamental

tenets of our business. Awareness and attention are the first step, but mutual caring and individual responsibility is the ultimate answer. At Golder, every individual has the training, the tools, and the power to create a safe work environment.

Taking a Sustainable Approach

We are committed to thoughtful balance as we plan, design and consume, with a view to the long term. When it comes to services we provide, we proactively engage our clients in discussions about sustainable options to help them achieve their own goals for economic, social, and environmental measures. We aim to improve the lives of communities we touch through our work and by our giving.

We are Built to Deliver

With over 6,500 highly skilled engineers and scientists operating in more than 150 offices worldwide, Golder provides consulting, design, and construction services in the specialized area of earth and environment differentiated through technical excellence, innovative solutions and award-winning client service. Whether your business or program is local or international, we can mobilize to deliver. One of the keys to our success is that much of our knowledge and skills are transferable from project to project, field to field, country to country. We have the resources to assemble exceptional teams of engineers, environmental specialists and scientists to address your project challenges. Many of our professionals live in your community and understand your local issues, but we can also draw upon experts from around the world who have a broad range of international experience. Golder is a place where collaboration and innovation are fostered, creating a unique culture where we build lifelong relationships that are strengthened with each passing day. Our network of clients and colleagues is built on trust and nurtured by commitment, longevity, and transparency, creating exceptional value for both our clients and the industry at large. And our impact goes beyond the projects we complete.