Turning machine: ERGO INFINITY

FAMAR strongly believes that innovation is a fundamental ingredient to be a top player in a very competitive market such as that of turning machines constructors.

Thanks to the studies based on our customer’s needs, the “Infinity” version of our turning machines was created: a lathe that is able to guarantee high performance and increase the efficiency of a production cycle.

With this option, the worn out tool is changed at the same time the machine loads and unloads a part, so that the typical time required to change a tool manually is removed. Therefore the cycle time is not influenced by the tool change, ensuring a very high efficiency of the machine. This results also in a very low production of scrap parts during tool pre-setting operations.

The machine presents an external storage for pre-set sister tools, which is accessible also during machining, without any risk for the operators’ safety.

The tool storage can hold up to 45 tools and it’s fit for sister tools but also for different tools in case of different productions.

To produce with our “Infinity” solution means saving 15 to 20% in tool change efficiency.

Each Famar machine is also characterized by a very special flexibility, which allows you to incorporate different operations during the cycle time: milling, teething, drilling and so on.

There is not only a focus on turning, but the emphasis is given on key points that are part of Famar’s vision: better precision on machined parts, smaller space requirements, and unmatched speeds.

Forty years experience in the field of machine tools allows Famar to offer a customized solution, according to the customer’s needs.

FAMAR cooperates to the development of the best possible production system for every kind of request, following the customer step by step during the entire project, from the definition of the machining process to the best solution for its realization.