D-ENERGY was born in 2015 as an aspiration of Tiziano Frascoli, a manager with more than 30 years of experience in Oil & Gas business, together with the know-how of two societies operating in the industrial sectors for more than 40 years: COMPAGNIA TECNICA MOTORI (CTM) and SITAL. CTM extends over a global area of 25.000 square meters; with over 65 Mil. € turnover and 120 employees. Production overview: Standard and Tailormade Generating Sets, CHP Power Plants, Diesel Dynamic UPS, Fire Pumps Packages, Rental Gen Set, Modular Datacenter packages, Word wide engines and generators services.

SITAL extends over a global area of 20.000 square meters; of these, 12.000 square meters are covered surface. SITAL manufacture containers, enclosures, canopies, and shelters suitable for every need of housing industrial machines or technological equipment, both in onshore and offshore environments.

D-Energy is able to coordinate and develop engineering activities required for system integration of generation and distribution, as well as: Feasibility studies, Value engineering studies, Project Management, Basic engineering design, Detailed engineering design, Test & Commissioning support activities. D-Energy engineers and provides ‘E-House’ customize size solutions, made of soundproofed containers, equipped with passive fire protection by insulation class A0, A30, A60, H60, H120 and in compliance with BS EN 12079-1: 2006 for offshore and onshore facilities. The E-House can be fully developed by D-ENERGY to the specific customer requirements and specifications and can include all, some or more of the following list: MV Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear, SCADA systems, AC and DC UPS systems; Transformers, extinguishing systems; F&G systems; HVAC and pressurization system; Internal and external lighting and distribution power; Lightning protection and earthing. The E-House will be fully developed, engineered, manufactured, assembled and pre-tested in the factory and connected and put into operation on site using a “plug and Play” concept.