Alascom Srl

A solution with innovative Technology for Oil&Gas

There is a new challenge for the “Internet of Things” applications and Alascom has a solution to fulfill the needs and necessities of Oil&Gas companies: offering Real-time monitoring of different processes throughout the gas sector, using Two-way communication that not only improves the company’s ability to monitor remotely but also the ability to perform a remote intervention for scheduled maintenance as well as unscheduled incidents. The solution offers support for the end devices to run solely on battery power only because the remote locations of some equipment made hardwired electrical connections impossible. The ability to monitor operations through a local operations center as well as at the company’s headquarters in Europe. This system provides reliability, data integrity and security. Alascom proposes innovative technology that targets the key requirements of IoT such as secure bidirectional communication, mobility and localization services. The solution provided seamless interoperability amongst smart things without the need of complex local installations and gave back the freedom to the end-user, developer, businesses enabling the rollout of IoT. Alascom’s mission consists of designing, proposing, testing and globally implementing IT/OT infrastructure, software, analytics and custom applications to deliver the results or business outcomes defined with the Stakeholder. Thanks to its wide versatility and deep technological knowledge, Alascom can act on all vertical market segments: automotive, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, Oil&Gas, distribution, telecom provider, government, utilities, and more. Alascom can provide an open, modular and cost-effective end-to-end solution to bring the data from the field up to the network/cloud and extract value from it and has a complete solution with the following benefits:

  • Create a Digital Twin – Pipeline Rfid Tagged and Mapped, end-to-end setup of a LoraWan network •Real-time management and maintenance: remotely control valves, pump stations, and other pipeline issues: -Gas pressure leakage -Erosion detection

-Magnetic flux leakage -Vandalism and security •New pipeline protections that can prevent accidents and detect leaks much faster

  • Lower operational costs – Re-Deployment and assignment of resources
  • Product/service improvement and innovation Alascom proposes Innovative technologies integration composed of:
  • Augmented Reality application introduced by Alascom to support remote maintenance and asset management for manufacturing industries.
  • Collaborative robots innovate with: Light, flexible and user-friendly; Cooperative with man; Ensure zero down time; Easy to program; increased safety; No shielding; Suitable for process optimization, cost reduction and quality control.
  • AI solutions wants to create a new channel of communication between digital automated world and human world, using a natural like speech robotic system which recognizes what the human says, using an advanced AI system and to autonomous execute the action. Human workers are therefore freed from critical, dangerous, repetitive tasks, saving time for skill-demanding tasks.
  • Drone usage to assist monitoring, distribution process and prediction maintenance for Oil& Gas/ manufacturing companies
  • Wearable device introduction in the designing process, asset management, maintenance support. Alascom is anticipating the trend of radical and pervasive digital transformation undertaking a significant investment policy in high-impact innovative technologies, expanding its offer in the IoT area and covering all layers composing it: Sensors, Communication technologies, IoT gateways, Network infrastructure and cloud, IoT platforms, CyberSecurity.

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